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This page is for current members of Springboard’s Incubator/fiscal sponsorship program. We recommend you bookmark this page, as it is not publicly searchable or available.


Secure Online Forms

Check Request
Please note that Springboard does not make direct payments to collaborators or vendors. Checks can be made out to the project director, or the project itself.  If you have questions or concerns, feel free to email

Request Grant Materials and Letter of Support
NOTE: We need to receive this form at least 5 business days before your deadline.  Use this form to let us know when you have a proposal in the works, and what materials you need from Springboard. Materials commonly required by a fiscal sponsor include proof of our tax exempt status and an agreement letter stating that we will manage funds on your project’s behalf.

If you are submitting this form in fewer than 5 business days, please be aware that Springboard must charge a rush fee of $75. Requests made fewer than 2 business days in advance may be declined.

Request an Acknowledgement Letter
Use this form to request tax-receipt thank you letters for your project’s donors.

Renew your Contract
Use this form to renew your project in the Incubator program.

Other Springboard Services

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Frequesntly Asked Questions

How do I get my money?
Check requests and deposits are processed once a week. We need your requests or deposit items by 12pm on Monday to be processed by Thursday at 12pm that week. Anything submitted after 12pm on Monday will be put in the queue for the next weeks’ run.

I have a bunch of donations for my project, how do they get into my account?
Make sure they are made out to Springboard, with your project name in the memo, and send them to us! Or you can drop them off at our office if you’d prefer:

Springboard for the Arts
308 Prince Street, Suite 270
St. Paul MN, 55101

We cannot accept any checks that are not made out to Springboard. We can only disburse funds if they’re already in your account. This is another way of saying we can’t cut you a check for money we haven’t had a chance to deposit yet. Plan accordingly!

How much money do I have?
Once we are managing funds on your behalf, an account statement will be automatically generated and sent to the email address we have on file every Friday morning. This way you can keep track of your balance and when payments have been made.

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