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Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 11.19.35 AMPhoto & graphic by Scott Stulen for and the Walker Art Center


Season 6: Summer 2014

Painter Jennifer Davis (Season 1)
Painter Alex Kuno (Season 2)
Fabric artist Nou Ka Yang (Season 3)
Sculptor Aaron Dysart (Season 2)
Writer John Jodzio and artist Laura Andrews (Season 2)
Printmaker Amy Rice (Season 1)
Multimedia artist Kao Lee Thao (Season 2)
Ceramicist Ginny Sims (Season 5)
Sculptor Karl Unnasch (Season 1)

Season 5: Summer 2013

Visual artist Mary Bergs
Printmaker Elisabeth Cunningham
Photographer Horacio Devoto
Visual artist Anne George
Visual artist Katie Hargrave
Theater artists Jason Overby and Telsche Thiessen
Visual artist Haley Prochnow
Ceramicist Ginny Sims
Music and visual arts collaborative Take Acre

Season 4: Summer 2012

Jurors: Michon Weeks, Anna Cioffi, Andy Sturdevant, Jehra Patrick

Season 3: Summer 2011

Jurors: JD Fratzke, Becca Dilley, Amy Rice, Andy Sturdevant, Jehra Patrick

Season 2: Fall 2010

Jurors: Karl Unnasch, Dessa Darling, Andy Sturdevant, Jehra Patrick

Season 1: Summer 2010

Jurors: Scott Stulen, James Norton, Mecca Bos-Williams, Chuck Olsen, Lee Zukor, Laura Zabel

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