Emergency Relief Fund

The Emergency Relief Fund exists to meet the emergency needs of area artists. The Fund supplies immediate monies to cover an unpaid, unexpected bill directly resulting from a catastrophic, career-threatening event such as theft, fire, flood and health emergency.  Started in 2001 through an endowment by theater artist Bob Malos, funds are sustained through donations and repayment by past Relief Fund recipients.

Artists living in Minnesota may apply for up to $500. Artists must provide a copy of the outstanding bill and the Emergency Relief Fund payment will be made directly to the business to whom the artist owes money, not to the artist applicant. The Emergency Relief Fund does not cover 1) unemployment and equipment/automobile repair that is not a result of theft or natural disaster 2) anticipated bills such as rent/fees to landlords, utilities, home mortgage and 3) dues to credit cards, banks, and other financial institutions.

Please complete the application below.

Questions about eligibility? Please contact ERF@springboardforthearts.org before applying.

Don’t qualify for Springboard’s Emergency Relief Fund or need additional assistance? Please consult this list of Emergency Resources


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