Artist-Created Outreach Tools

The tools on this page are free for individuals and organizations to use to help their communities understand how to get and use health insurance, connect to community healthcare providers, and seek preventive healthcare. You can use these graphics and informational resources to promote programs, share via social media, distribute at events or in combination with other resources you offer. Simply fill out the request form and we’ll send you an email with links to use any, or all, of these tools.

Thanks to the artists at Uphill Downhill and Humdinger Pictures for partnering with us to create these resources, and to UCare and MNsure for their support!

Teeny Toolkit: Four Small Things To Do Today To Connect Your Community To Healthcare

Navigating healthcare and health insurance resources can be complex, and creating effective programs can take a lot of time, resources and relationships. But if you are just looking for a place to start, try this Teeny Toolkit with four small things that you can do to connect your community to healthcare:

Graphics to Promote Preventive Health Screenings and Insurance

Videos to Understand Health Insurance

Learn common insurance terms by watching Meet Jack: An Intro to Health Insurance Terminology.

Meet Hannah, a dancer, and learn tips for getting and keeping health insurance in Minnesota.

Flyers to Understand Health Insurance in Minnesota

We created flyers about Getting Covered: 5 Things to Know and Using MNsure: 5 Things to Know.  Along with answers to frequently asked questions, the forms include fill-able space to include your own contact info. These flyers are also available in Spanish as Obteniendo Cobertura: 5 cosas que debe saber and Utilizando MNsure: 5 cosas que debe saber.

Hemos creado unos folletos Obtener Cobertura: 5 cosas que debe saber y Utilizando MNsure: 5 cosas que debe saber. Junto con las respuestas a las preguntas más frecuentes, las formas incluyen espacio para incluir su propia información de contacto.

Toolkits: How to organize a Health Fair, Health Screening Day, Voucher Program

Our booklets walk you, step-by-step, through the process of creating a Health Fair, our Healthcare Voucher Program, or Preventive Health Screening Day, complete with logistical pointers and lessons we’ve learned from our program in the Twin Cities. The toolkits include electronic templates to use when creating your program or community events. Looking for more free Toolkits? Visit

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