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Underground Media Collective

Undergound Media Collective aims to re-imagine media art and storytelling as a source of public media.


Spaceheater aims to bring all types of artists and designers together to exhibit, participate, learn, and share experience.

Wakemup Productions

Wakemup Productions aims to host artist workshops for Native youth at the Minneapolis American Indian center, gather guest artists and elders to teach youth valuable life lessons, and to create works of art to convey our collective message to the public via studio art practice and performance.

Elision Productions

Elision Productions aims to develop and produce new or reimagined works that tell compelling stories with music, acting, and visual art.

We Are All Connected: A Visual and Digital Storytelling Project

We Are All Connected: A Visual and Digital Storytelling Project aims to tell the stories of Indigenous people who have been displaced through adoption outside of their families and Tribes.

Wavelets Creative

Wavelets Creative aims to develop and present unique multi-disciplinary artistic experiences for a wide variety of audiences that foster new and lasting connections to the spaces and communities in which we live.

Trust Project MN

Trust Project MN aims to create spaces where women of color are at the forefront of their human rights by utilizing reproductive justice as their framework and art as their tool to dismantle stigma and challenge cultural norms.

Sparkle Theatricals

Sparkle Theatricals aims to engage artists and audiences of all ages with compelling and humorous productions that celebrate curiosity, highlight play, and inspire laughter.

RARE Productions

RARE Productions aims to promote, produce, and co-create opportunities and events utilizing innovative artistic methods and strategies.

Rachel Perlmeter Productions

Rachel Perlmeter Productions aims to produce, workshop, and develop an audience for the writings of the late playwright and interdisciplinary artist Rachel Perlmeter and to continue her legacy.

Present State Movement

Present State Movement aims to create short dancefilm and a multidisciplinary dance, theatre, and film show.

Onda Arts Collective

Onda Arts Collective aims to promote unity through art, by creating opportunities for cross cultural artistic expression in the areas of public art, music, and film.

Kinship of Rivers

Kinship of Rivers aims to bring rivers together through poetry, music, art, and making river flags and installing them along rivers to inspire people to protect, appreciate, and take action on their behalf.

Impossible Salt

Impossible Salt draws on diverse folk traditions to create gentle, beautiful, rare new work.

Healing Place

Healing Place aims to instigate cross-pollination and deepening relationships among a wide range of artists, scientists, social scientists, activists, and other to ensure more sustainable approaches to healing the place called the Bdote area.

Grace Minnesota

Grace Minnesota aims to create art to help individuals connect to their inner lives and for communities to re-imagine a vital, hopeful, peaceful, and inclusive society.

Final Round

Final Round aims to open a dialog with the Southeast Asian community in St. Paul around cancer and other serious illnesses through theatre, video, and art installation.

Dynamic Shape Construction

Dynamic Shape Construction aims to create dance/theater/visual experiences that investigate the intricacies of social justice issues and promote alternatives.

BodyCartography Project

BodyCartography Project aims to investigate empathy and the physicality of space in urban, domestic, wild and social landscape through dance, performance, video, installation work, and movement education.

The DIAL Group

The DIAL Group aims to improve the health and well-being of under-served communities through intentional, effective collaborations between the creative sector and stakeholders in public initiatives.

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