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Persistent Theatre Productions

Persistent Theatre Productions aims to produce thought provoking, powerful work about important social issues that our society faces.

Patrick Scully Productions

Patrick Scully Productions

Patrick Scully Productions aims to present Scully’s gay point of view to the world in order to create space for LGBTQ people to live more freely.

Hypnic Jerk Theatre

Hypnic Jerk Theatre aims to produce theatre that provokes conversations about our world that happen beyond the stage and after the closing curtain.

lumin(theater lab)

lumin(theater lab) aims to create a safe environment for a core group of highly-motivated members that encourages inspired creativity, trusting collaboration, audacious experimentation, and a rigorous exploration of theater.

Red Bird Theatre

Red Bird Theatre aims to work with the highest-caliber artists to produce plays that expose life’s transcendent moments.

Undertow Theatre Collective

Undertow Theatre Collective aims to create unique and thought provoking theatre experiences that challenge our audience’s understanding of society and culture.

Transatlantic Love Affair

Transatlantic Love Affair aims to create physical theatre devoted to the imaginative telling of relevant stories.

Trademark Theater

Trademark Theater aims to expand the breadth of original works born in Minnesota by creating dynamic stage productions that are physically aware, boldly poetic, and that stir the human spirit.


WLDRNSS is an ever-evolving ensemble committed to exploring what it means to be alive through the creation and presentation of deeply moving and poetic narratives.

Theater Coup d’Etat

Theater Coup d’Etat aims to provoke an emotional and analytical response in their audiences by showing the depth of the human condition through both classical and contemporary works.

Sod House Theater

Sod House Theater aims to bring professional theater experiences to greater Minnesota communities that will inspire people to value and embrace theater as part of a reflective and thoughtful life, and to engage local residents in presenting high quality theater in their home communities.

Second Fiddle Productions

Second Fiddle Productions aims to enrich the Minnesota theatre community by exploring and celebrating the rich history of american Musical Theatre.

Raw Sugar

Raw Sugar aims to make imaginative and adventurous projects driven by women.

Prime Productions

Prime Productions aims to explore, illuminate, and support women over fifty and their stories through the creative voice of performance.

Other Tiger Productions

Other Tiger Productions aims to produce stories through a dedicated practice of collaboration and attention to an inclusive representation of a diverse community.

On Stage: Creating a Community Dialogue Around Live Theater

On Stage aims to make local theater relevant to younger and non-traditional audiences and to lay the groundwork for building future theater audiences.

New Seed Theatre

New Seed Theatre aims to bring people together, seek truth, love, and life in that community, and empower people in the community.

SunsetGun Productions

SunsetGun Productions aims to directly connect with their community, encouraging all participants to view themselves and the world around them a bit more clearly.

New Arab American Theatre Works

New Arab American Theatre Works aims to organize, develop, and showcase a first-of-its-kind festival for Twin Cities Arab American theater artists.

Mission Theater Company

Mission Theater Company aims to produce theater that is entertaining and explores issues that are relevant today.

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