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Twin Cities Symphony

Twin Cities Symphony aims to provide a fulfilling and professional orchestral experience to young musicians and audiences in the Twin Cities area.

Persistent Theatre Productions

Persistent Theatre Productions aims to produce thought provoking, powerful work about important social issues that our society faces.

Million Artist Movement

Million Artist Movement aims to stand at the nexus of art and politics, using art as an agent to coalesce people, art, and power into change that fosters healing.

Mid’West Soldier Drill Team & Drum Corp

Mid’West Soldier Drill Team & Drum Corp aims to reach out to children and teens from all walks of life to get them involved in dance and music.

The Snowblower Ballet

The Snowblower Ballet aims to transform the drudgery of snow removal into a joyful artistic event with dancers wielding snow blowers and snow shovels, throwing snow in time with live music.

We Are All Connected: A Visual and Digital Storytelling Project

We Are All Connected: A Visual and Digital Storytelling Project aims to tell the stories of Indigenous people who have been displaced through adoption outside of their families and Tribes.

Trust Project MN

Trust Project MN aims to create spaces where women of color are at the forefront of their human rights by utilizing reproductive justice as their framework and art as their tool to dismantle stigma and challenge cultural norms.

Transatlantic Love Affair

Transatlantic Love Affair aims to create physical theatre devoted to the imaginative telling of relevant stories.

Trademark Theater

Trademark Theater aims to expand the breadth of original works born in Minnesota by creating dynamic stage productions that are physically aware, boldly poetic, and that stir the human spirit.

Summit Music Center

Summit Music Center aims to transform St. Paul’s on the Hill Episcopal Church in St. Paul into a hope for the performance and study of acoustic music, focusing on, but not limited to, classical.


STYLUS aims to diversify the Twin Cities beauty industry and strengthen the Hmong community as a whole.

Falling for Fiction

Falling for Fiction aims to change our world, one child at a time.


Revolver aims to transform process, rouse creators, and provide a platform for narrative-based artists.

Rachel Perlmeter Productions

Rachel Perlmeter Productions aims to produce, workshop, and develop an audience for the writings of the late playwright and interdisciplinary artist Rachel Perlmeter and to continue her legacy.

Punk-Ass Classical

Punk-Ass Classical aims to foster a lively, diverse, and inclusive art music community in the Twin Cities.

Points of Light

Points of Light aims to bring the arts to individuals and communities for healing and change.

Penelope Freeh Dances

Penelope Freeh Dances aims to create and perform original dance works, often in collaboration with other generative artists.

Ora Itkin MAP (MusicAppreciationsProjects)

Ora Itkin MAP (MusicAppreciationsProjects) aims to inspire and reconnect the “emotion of curiosity” to the enormous genre of classical music while making it accessible for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Onda Arts Collective

Onda Arts Collective aims to promote unity through art, by creating opportunities for cross cultural artistic expression in the areas of public art, music, and film.

Nic Lincoln Dances

Nic Lincoln Dances aims to create solo dances in collaboration with local choreographers.

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