Eligibility Questionnaire

Is Springboard’s Incubator/Fiscal Sponsorship for you?

Are you an artist — or part of an artist-led organization — that is seeking a fiscal sponsor?

Springboard for the Arts offers fiscal sponsorship, meaning we enter into a contract that lends our legal and tax-exempt status to qualifying artists and non-profit artist-led organizations. This is helpful for individuals or groups that are seeking to raise funds for a non-profit project or organization, either through applying for grants or soliciting donations that are tax-deductible. Springboard serves as fiscal sponsor for individual artists and arts organizations with a wide range of experience, from artists embarking on their first project to established organizations with six-figure budgets.

We want to save your time and money! If you have not done so already, please review the Eligibility and Benefits of Fiscal Sponsorship to make sure fiscal sponsorship is right for your current needs.

If you are interested in fiscal sponsorship via Springboard for the Arts, please fill out the following quick, multiple-choice questionnaire to see if you’re eligible for our program. Eligible candidates can continue on to the full application, which is more extensive and requires a $95 application fee.

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