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Springboard for the Arts

Project Manager, C/Art: Lowertown

Location: Minnesota - Twin Cities
City: Saint Paul
Type: Temp / Contract
Category: Public art
Salary: $12,500
Deadline: April 5, 2017

POSITION TITLE: C/Art Project Manager
POSITION STATUS: Independent contractor, temporary appointment
EXPECTED HOURS: 8-15 hours/week, with night & weekend availability, April-December 2017
REPORTS TO: Community Development Coordinator

In Spring of 2017, Springboard for the Arts will launch the pilot project C/Art: Lowertown. Three mobile, art platforms (think hotdog cart) will bring art and artists onto the sidewalks of St Paul’s Lowertown and into contact with new audiences. Lowertown is a neighborhood full of artists, and C/Art aims to make more visitors aware of that, and to offer artists new opportunities to sell their work and build audiences.

C/Arts will be checked out for free from Springboard’s office and used at approved locations around Lowertown. The C/Art Project Manager will assist with the rollout, marketing, evaluation and artists’ use of the C/Arts in Lowertown.

The C/Art Project Manager will be the primary day-to-day contact for the use of the C/Arts. The C/Art Project Manager will be available to assist with checkouts, troubleshoot with C/Art users, assist with evaluations with artists and audience members, and act as a general resource for the C/Arts. This position is an on-call position, with hours weighted towards evening and weekends to co-incide with high traffic events in Lowertown such as Farmers’ Markets, baseball games, and other events.

-Promote and market the C/Arts, and recruit artists to use the C/Arts.
-Generally maintain the C/Arts and ensure their cleanliness and presentability, referring larger maintenance or other issues appropriately.
-Provide feedback in this project pilot phase about the rental, use, marketing and locations of the C/Arts.
-Be creative about the use, adaptability, and functionality of C/Art: Lowertown.
-Other responsibilities as needed or assigned.

Qualified applicants must be friendly, personable, creative, and enjoy working one-on-one with artists from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. Applicants must also be organized, have a sense of humor, patience, and experience with the arts community. Practicing artists preferred. Applicants with strong connections to Lowertown preferred. As this position requires flexibility of hours and work based in Lowertown, applicants residing in or around Lowertown preferred.

Please send a cover letter and resume, with the subject line “C/Art Project Manager” to Peter Haakon Thompson, Community Development Coordinator, at [email protected], or drop them off at our Lowertown offices in the Northern Warehouse Building, 308 Prince Street, Suite 270, Saint Paul, MN 55101.

Springboard for the Arts is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action employer.