Lowertown Sketchbook: Neighborhood artwork, with every drink.

Between the historic architecture, the parks, the farmers’ market, and the bustling streets, Lowertown is perhaps the most picturesque urban spot in the Twin Cities.

In celebration of the great neighborhood that Springboard for the Arts calls home, we’ve commissioned four Lowertown St. Paul artists — Ken Avidor, Roberta Avidor, John Miller, and Lisa-Marie Greenly — to create original artwork picturing Lowertown.

This holiday season and beyond into 2014, they’ll be available at your favorite Lowertown bars and restaurants.

Lisa-Marie’s line drawing of the babbling brook at Mears Park captures exactly why it’s a favorite destination of Lowertown residents and workers. See more of Lisa-Marie’s work at http://www.bluecanvas.com/LMNOP or https://www.facebook.com/LMNOPart.

Ken’s drawing of the Union Depot, recently re-opened, captures the gamut of things you find in a mass transit hub — people involved in everyday activities, like a sax player and a dogwalker, to a major life event like these two people getting hitched. Ken lives with his wife Roberta (another featured artist) at the Union Depot, so he knows better than anyone. You can see more of Ken’s work here: http://www.avidorstudios.com/.

Roberta’s drawing shows off one of the best parts of Mears Park — its ability to bring people together, and in large numbers. This lovely drawing of the scene at the Twin Cities Jazz Festival shows the park on a summer night, with people enjoying the music and the outdoors. You can see more of Roberta’s work here: http://www.avidorstudios.com/. (Both the Avidors have work in the newest St. Paul Almanac, available here.)

John lives in the Northern Warehouse, where Springboard’s offices are located. This view of the Farmers’ Market from his window shows off the neighborhood’s best features — its beautiful, historic brick warehouses that line narrow, Old World streets perfect for strolling down on the way to buy some farm-fresh produce.

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