People’s Center Health Services

Eligible artists can receive two, $40 vouchers for People’s Center Health Services medical clinic. The vouchers can be used for up to $40 during two separate appointments, or can be combined for up to $80 during one visit. The full voucher amount must be redeemed (if you use less than the $40, the remaining balance cannot be carried over). Artists can expect to know if they are eligible within 48 hours of submitting an application. A voucher will be ready the same day the application is approved. Vouchers expires one year from date of issue. At that time, you may apply for another voucher for People’s Center Health Services.

Clinic Location:
People’s Center Health Services
425 20th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN  55454
Call for an appointment: 612-332-4973

Clinic Hours (subject to change):
Monday, Wednesday, Friday:  8:30am – 5:00pm
Tuesday and Thursday: 8:30am – 8:00pm
Walk-Ins Welcome!

Health services:
• Non-emergency medical care
• Pre-and Post-natal Care
• Family Planning/Birth Control
• GYN exams
• STD Testing & Treatment
• Rapid HIV Testing
• Pediatrics care
• Psychological and diagnostic assessments
• Individual, couples, and family therapy
• Access diet and nutritional needs
• Diet planning to manage diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol imbalances

People’s Center Health Services Sliding Fee and Billing Process:

How the Program Works – It’s easy!
• Let our schedulers know that you are interested in the sliding fee program
• Bring income verification information to your first visit
• Bring your AHH voucher with you to the visit to cover any fees up to $40
• Meet with our financial specialist to complete an application for income-based fee for visit.

Often the visit is fully covered after the $20 payment (you can verify the sliding fee schedule on the chart below)

Example of how the Sliding Fee works:
A visit to verify if you have strep throat. The estimated cost for the visit and the strep test is $150.
• Scenario 1: If you fall into the 100% discount range you pay $20.
• Scenario 2: If you are in the 25% Discount range your cost would be:  $125 – $31.25 (the 25% discount) = $93.75 the amount you pay.

In both options you can use your AAH voucher to cover the costs.  In scenario 1, you would use your voucher and would not pay any amount and in scenario 2, you would use the voucher and pay $53.75.  You can also set up a payment arrangement if you can not pay the full amount the day of your visit (e.g. $5 a month)

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