Springboard for the Arts offers consultations for individual artists and groups. In a consultation, our Artist Career Counselors get to know you and your work, help you set goals, and develop realistic strategies to help you reach those goals.

Consultations cost $45/hr. and are a tax-deductible business expense. If you’d like to meet with a specific consultant, you can take a look at a complete list, with bio.s and areas of specialization, of our Artist Career Counselors.

What to expect after you submit the Consultation Request form and make your online payment:

  • You should immediately receive an email notification confirming that the form was successfully submitted.
  • Then, one of our Artist Career Counselors will contact you via email, typically within three business days, to schedule a date and time for your consultation.
  • Consultations are usually held at Springboard for the Arts during normal business hours, although we can arrange for an off-site consultation under special circumstances.


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