Terms of Service

Types of use

The Resource Center workstations are open to any artist, but are for artistic professional development use only. These include but are not limited to:

  • Email
  • Microsoft Office applications
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Event planning / press releases
  • Video training on Lynda.com
  • Scanning
  • Printing
  • Designing promotional materials

The workstations are not permitted for personal use. Chatting, playing games, online shopping, downloading and watching videos, viewing sexually explicit images or text, and/or using Facebook for social purposes are not permitted, and these applications may be blocked. Patrons using workstations for only these functions may be asked to leave.

Drop-in use

Workstation use is limited to one (1) hour per day, subject to availability. Sessions can be extended past the end of the allotted time at the discretion of Springboard staff if no other patrons are waiting.


Workstations may be reserved for up to two (2) hours for next-day or future reservations, and one (1) hour for same-day reservations. These can be made on the Springboard for the Arts website, or with a Springboard staff member directly via phone or email. Reservations can be extended past two hours at the end of the allotted time at the discretion of Springboard staff. Reservations will be released 15 minutes past the start time if the patron hasn’t arrived or notified Resource Center staff.


Springboard staff can help you answer supported software questions, and troubleshoot problems. Staff will answer general questions related to the hardware (printers, scanners, etc.) and software (MS Office, etc.). Due to their many duties, staff are limited to only 10 minutes to answer a question.

We cannot assist with using professional software (Adobe Creative Suite, etc.). Patrons wishing to learn to use these platforms are encouraged to refer to our publications library or Lynda.com.

If you need one-on-one assistance with scanning or other programs, please schedule a reservation so one of our staff will be on-hand to assist you.


Personal cell phone calls, food and drink, loud group conversations or music (you must wear headphones), disruptive behavior or abusive language directed toward any staff or patrons using the Resource Center are prohibited. Failure to comply with this agreement may result in the loss of Resource Center privileges.

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