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Accessibility Resources for Communities

Working with ASL Interpreters in Performing Arts

This guide was updated in 2016 for the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council and is also available on their website as the MRAC ASL Interpreter Guide ( It offers suggestions of best practices of providing American Sign Language interpreters for events, planning ahead, finding interpreters, signing a contract, reaching an audience.

Working with Interpreters Guide (PDF)

Working with ASL Interpreters Guide (DOC)

Grants & Other Opportunities

Artists with disabilities in Minnesota have a variety of opportunities to pursue their work through grants from state, local and private sources. Here are some opportunities with upcoming deadlines.

Grants for Artists with Disabilities (DOC)

Grants for Artists with Disabilities (PDF)


Arts Programs for Minnesotans with Disabilities

These are some of the programs in Minnesota that provide services or activities for and with people with disabilities.

Arts Programs for PWD (DOC)

Arts Programs for PWD (PDF)

Access Workshops and Costs (DOC)

Access Workshops and Costs (PDF)


Accessible Films & Video

This file (updated 5-20-19) lists selected cinemas that may offer accessibility accommodations such as captioning or audio described tracks on films and videos they show. The film must come with a captioning or audio description track, and the cinema must have equipment to project these films and listening systems (receivers, headphones, earbuds) for patrons to access the captions or description. Be sure to check with them in advance to be sure they know what you need and that they have the proper equipment.

Accessible Films (DOC)

Accessible Films 2019 (PDF)

Accessible Arts Festivals and Events

Accessible Festivals (DOC)

Accessible Festivals 2019 20 (PDF)

Accessible Arts Calendar 2019 (PDF)

Accessible Arts Calendar 2019 (DOC)

ADASL Current Venues 9 5 19 (PDF)



Board Member Application (PDF)

Board Member Application (DOC)


Board Job Description New (PDF)

Board Job Description New (DOC)

Springboard Staff

Artist Resources Director, 651-294-0907

If you have any additional resources or questions please contact Andy Sturdevant.

Accessibility Resources for Arts Organizations
Accessibility Resources for Arts Organizations
Accessibility Resources for Artists
Accessibility Resources for Artists