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The communities we live in experience emergencies everyday: violence, racism, natural disasters and other threats to a community's health and wellbeing. Can your art shed light on an emergency in your community, or help your community stand together? Springboard for the Arts and Emergency Arts have teamed up to offer support for artist-led projects via our Community Emergency Relief Fund!

Questions about the Fund?

Program Director- Health

The focus of the Fund is to support artists living in Minnesota to respond to urgent community needs with creative leadership. Emergencies can be sudden or ongoing, natural disaster or human made. A few examples include natural disasters, public health crises, school/workplace/neighborhood/police violence, changing policies (such as immigration, healthcare or gun control), high unemployment, homelessness, or environmental threats.

Qualifications: All artistic mediums are welcome. No prior experience responding creatively to community emergencies is required. Projects must be led by artists with a connection to the community impacted by the emergency.

Timeline: Artist projects should respond rapidly to community emergencies or current events. Projects must be completed within six months of the application.

There are no set application deadlines. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until further notice. Artists are eligible to receive up to $500 funding per calendar year. Funding is subject to available funding and approval by Springboard for the Arts' board of directors and Emergency Arts.

In an effort to encourage and support artists’ rapid response to emergencies, the application and distribution of funds is quick and streamlined. The application is brief and should take most applicants 30 to 60 minutes to complete. Application approval may take as little as 3 days or as long as two weeks, depending on additional follow-up. Funding is typically ready within days of the application’s approval. Please factor this into your timeline when applying.

Project funds: Artists may request up to $500 to cover project expenses. Expenses may include art materials, hardware, supplies, and artists’ time. We imagine these funds as support for small, rapid response projects and not as part of fundraising campaigns for large-scale art projects.

Artists can choose one of several options when applying for funds*:

- The Fund can make a direct donation to an artist's GoFundMe fundraiser (or other online fundraising mechanism).

- The Fund can issue a prepaid credit card.

- The Fund can directly pay an unpaid bill that has resulted from the project (the applicant must provide a copy of the outstanding bill and, if funded, the Fund writes a check directly to the business that the artist owes money to). Issuing a check may take up to 7 days longer than other options.

- In some instances, the Fund can issue a check to the artist applicant. Issuing a check may take up to 7 days longer than other options.

*Artists may need to claim the contribution as income; please consult with a tax expert.

Looking for the Personal Emergency Relief Fund?
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Apply to the Community Emergency Relief Fund

Applicants should apply when they have a clear vision of how they will spend project funds, and are ready to start their project immediately upon receiving project funds.

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Request a Free Consultation

If you’d like to talk through project ideas or would like guidance on your project, please sign up for a free consultation with Amelia Brown before applying! Amelia Brown is founder of Emergency Arts, a central resource to advance arts as integral to emergency management.

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