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The communities we live in experience emergencies everyday: violence, racism, natural disasters and other threats to a community's health and wellbeing. Springboard for the Arts and Emergency Arts teamed up to offer support for artist-led projects via the Community Emergency Relief Fund. Artists living in Minnesota responded to urgent community needs such as public health crises, discrimination, school/ neighborhood/police violence, changing policies (such as immigration, healthcare or gun control), gentrification and homelessness.

Funded projects include:


Winna Bernard, photography
Photography collaboration with photographer Whitney Bradshaw to address gender discrimination and violence.

During a photo shoot to address gender discrimation, participants are being photographed screaming

photo by Nancy Musinguzi

Brianna Williams, visual art and poetry
Mural and poem to address racism.

A mural depicting bees and a beehive by Brianna Williams to address racism

photo by Nancy Musinguzi

Thomas LaBlanc, poetry
Gathering of native artists to address the ongoing insult, grievances, and inadequacies surrounding Native issues in the local arts community, in response to the Walker Art Center “Scaffold” installation.

photo by Mary Richardson

Leon Wang, visual art
Posters displayed at a rally planned against ACT of America, one of the largest anti-Muslim groups in the US.

Posters by Leon Wang read "Stop Hate" were made for a rally against ACT of America

photo by Leon Wang


Jacob Ladda, visual art
Banner displayed at protest of verdict in the case of police officer who killed Philando Castile.

Leon Wang, visual art
Posters displayed during a press conference and community meeting in partnership with Black Lives Matter Saint Paul and the family of Cordale Handy, who was shot by Saint Paul police.

Participants speak to each other at a community meeting in partnership with Black Lives Matter Saint Paul

photo by Thaiphy Phan-Quang

Kiet Tran, visual art
Poster displayed at March for our Lives rally for gun control.

red, back and white poster by artist Kiet Tran that says "Not One More"

photo by Thaiphy Phan-Quang

Sheronda Orridge, poetry
Poem and community gathering to address child protection.

A person plays guitar at a community gathering organized by artist Sheronda Orridge to address child protection

photo by Sheronda Orridge


Rachel Wacker, theater
Performance about the effects of gentrification in Lowertown Saint Paul.

As part of a theatrical production by Rachel Wacker to address gentrification, a resident and a construction worker speak to each other

photo by Darrell Lloyd


Arminta Wilson, music and theater
Music and theater performance around homelessness crisis.


Leon Wang, visual art
Posters displayed at an action to denounce immigration policies and keep families together.

Posters by artist Leon Wang read "Abolish ICE" and depict the Statue of Liberty's land holding a torch

photo by Leon Wang

Leon Wang, visual art
Posters displayed at DACA decision protest rally.

Posters by artist Leon Wang read "Protect the Dream" and depict illustrations of people and a rainbow

photo by Leon Wang