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We're bringing Ready Go mobile art tools to the People's Center Clinic & Services front lawn! Through the summer & fall of 2017, we brought art and artists to the front lawn and waiting room of the community clinic. Through the collaboration we were "successful at offering patients therapeutic experiences that piqued people’s curiosity, prompted conversations about health, created social connections, strengthened affinity to the clinic, increased access to art, and developed a greater sense of agency for artists and participants." Read the final report here. This partnership led to further work with the West Bank Business Association, and the placement of an Artist Organizer with the People's Center!

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We carried on working with artists and community on the West Bank/Cedar-Riverside neighborhood in partnership with the West Bank Business Association. Read reflections from that work from Jamie Schumacher, Executive Director of the West Bank Business Association.

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Clinic patients and staff, community members and businesses in Minneapolis’ Cedar-Riverside neighborhood participated in 14 art-making events in summer of 2017. Participants visiting the clinic or passing by on the street took time to pause, talk openly about healthcare, make social connections and relieve stress through art creation. A part of Springboard's Ready Go collection of mobile art tools, participating art projects included:

Artist Soozin Hirschmugl and the sPARKit Trailer works with passers by at People’s Center.sPARKit is a mobile trailer/ pop up park, with all of the amenities needed to turn a green/ common space in to an activated destination spot. The “sPARKit” mobile trailer is a community conversation tool used to “spark” conversations in a fun family friendly environment. A colorful pop-up park is set up with items that travel in the teardrop trailer. The set up creates a colorful celebratory environment that invites the public to come and play games and engage each other in conversations.

Artist Amelia Foster holding postcards printed with the Streetcorner Letterpress.Streetcorner Letterpress is an interactive project designed for public or private events. These 100-year-old letterpresses produce 4×6 postcard-style prints with the push of a lever, and can be operated by people of any age or ability. The unique letterpress kiosk draws a curious crowd, who are then invited to print their own postcards with images and colors customized to your event theme. Whether prints are taken home, framed, put on the fridge, or mailed to a friend, they are art worth saving.

Artist Lacey Prpic Hedtke operating the Instant Box Camera in the lobby of People’s Center.The Instant Box Camera is a mobile box camera that houses a darkroom that produces one of a kind black and white photographs. Experience sitting for a portrait, 19th-century style, and receive a portrait totake home. There is no negative, so the image made in the Instant Box Camera is the only one that exists, making it a unique piece of art.

Artist Peter Haakon Thompson’s Mobile Sign Shop making signs with staff on the lawn of the People’s Center.The Mobile Sign Shop (MSS) is inspired by the vernacular of cabin name signs found in Northern Minnesota. At the beginning of roads leading to a lake with cabins, there can often be found a collection of wooden/engraved/painted/ handmade signs bearing the names of residents. The MSS is housed on a trailer that provides an attention getting location stocked with sign making supplies. Inserting a non-standard, incongruous tool into public space, brings out people’s curiosity and willingness to engage.

People’s Center staff playing ping pong on the Temporary Table Tennis Trailer on the clinic lawn. The Temporary Table Tennis Trailer (TTTT) engages residents, business owners, patrons and passers-by in the sport of ping pong (also known as table tennis), through creating Popup Ping Pong Parks. An Olympic sport, table tennis can be played by people of any age or skill level including singles and doubles. The Popup PP Parks are places for play, conversation and connection.

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ReadyGo connects neighborhoods, non-profits, businesses and individuals to artist-created, mobile tools that are purpose-built to pique curiosity and prompt interaction.

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