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Questions can be sent to fellowship staff at Please read all the frequently asked questions below before emailing. Thank you!


FAQ: What is the Creative Economy Fellowship?
ANSWER: The Creative Economy Fellowship (previously called the 20/20 Artist Fellowship) is an unrestricted $10,000 award given individually to ten (10) BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and Native artists who are creating tools, pathways and systems of support for artists in their communities. Artists from all Minnesota geographies are encouraged to apply.

FAQ: Besides the award fund what else does the fellowship offer?
ANSWER: The Creative Economy Fellowship is run as a (virtual) cohort model in order to facilitate deeper connections, conversations, collaborations and cross-pollination of ideas across artists making change in their communities. Fellows attend six (6) virtual cohort meetings during their fellowship year and can schedule regular one-on-one check-ins with the program director, at their discretion. In addition, the fellows are provided access to Springboard's extensive resources, including: speaking opportunities, professional development tools/workshops/consultations/trainings, local/national network of community artists, financial planning support, and Springboard's organizational platforms, including a published profile piece on Creative Exchange.

FAQ: Why did you change the name?
ANSWER: We’re launching the Creative Economy Fellowship after a successful 3 year pilot of the 20/20 Artist Fellowship. The Creative Economy Fellowship will continue to support artist-changemakers in the local arts economy who are building tools, pathways and systems of support for artists in their communities. 

FAQ: What does virtual mean?
ANSWER: Due to COVID and public safety protocols recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) we will continue to run the fellowship virtually. That means we will restrict in-person meetings and opt to meet virtually. This includes our application feedback consultations, info session, panel reviews, the six (6) cohort meetings and any other gatherings or convening associated with this fellowship and Springboard programming. Virtual convening will be held primarily on Zoom unless otherwise noted or requested.


FAQ: Who is eligible for the Creative Economy Fellowship?
ANSWER: The fellowship is open to Minnesota artists who identify as Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) and Native. In addition, applicants must*

- Be 18 years of age or older
- Have lived and worked in Minnesota for the past two years (2019 and 2020)
- Be eligible to receive taxable income in Minnesota throughout the current fellowship year (2021)
- Be living or working in Minnesota throughout the fellowship period
- Not have received a 20/20 Artist Fellowship award from Springboard in the past
- Not be a staff-person or board member of Springboard for the Arts
- Not be an immediate family member of Springboard staff or board members (independent contractors are eligible to apply)

*A final determination of eligibility is made by Springboard on a case by case basis.

FAQ: I live outside of Minnesota, may I apply for the Creative Economy Fellowship?
ANSWER: Currently the Fellowship is available to artists living and/or working in Minnesota for the past two years. Here are some opportunities and resources we’ve gathered that may be open to artists in your area:

FAQ: I moved to a neighboring state because of the pandemic but have been working with a MN based organization as a consultant. Would I be able to apply?
ANSWER: A final determination of eligibility is made by Springboard on a case by case basis. You may be asked to show proof of your Minnesota work history and commitment to the Minnesota arts economy. Residents of Minnesota are highly preferred for the Fellowship. 

FAQ: I am considering applying for the Creative Economy Fellowship but one of the eligibility requirements is not having received a fellowship award in the past. Does that include awards re-granted through Springboard’s Incubator program? Please advise!
ANSWER: The eligibility requirement pertains to Springboard fellowships only. You are welcome to apply for the Creative Economy Fellowship as long as you have not received a 20/20 Artist Fellowship from us in the past. Having received other awards through our incubator program or other fellowships does not disqualify you.

FAQ: I see that the Bush Foundation is one of your past sponsors and I am a previous Bush Fellow. Am I eligible for this fellowship as well?
ANSWER: Yes, you’re eligible as long as you haven’t previously received a 20/20 Artist Fellowship in the past.

FAQ: I was just wondering if a tattoo or culinary artist could apply?
ANSWER: Springboard believes in the broadest definition of who is an artist and that there are many ways people can be artists. For this Fellowship we are looking for artists who are not only making art, but creating access and opportunities for other artists to make art. If your work creates broader access and pathways to artists from your communities then you should apply.


FAQ: How are Creative Economy Fellows selected? What are panelists looking for?
ANSWER: Applications are submitted for peer review and advanced based on a two-round panel process. Panelists are looking to award artists-changemakers in the local arts economy who are building new systems, tools and pathways that uplift artists in their communities. Strong applicants will be able to articulate how they 1) see their role in their community, 2) find and connect with existing assets in their communities and 3) see the bigger picture as far as what barriers exist for artists and how they are looking to address them.

FAQ: Where and when can I get feedback on my application prior to submission?
ANSWER: Springboard's Artist Career Consultants are available for a sliding scale fee, and by appointment, to give you feedback on your application prior to submission. You can request a consultation by filling out the Consultation Request Form

FAQ: I’ve gotten feedback on my application by an Artist Career Consultant already. Is it possible to have another consultation before the deadline?
ANSWER: Sure! We’re happy to schedule a follow-up session to re-look at your application. Use the Consultation Request Form to submit your request and tell us a little bit about what additional feedback you're looking for. 

FAQ: I'm strongly considering video entries for my answers on the application. If I choose this option, do all my responses need to be in video format? If in video format, what language do I need the responses to be in?
ANSWER: You can submit both video and written responses on a single application, but please make sure to follow the instructions provided on the application so your answers correspond with the associated questions. Please submit written responses in English, and video responses in English or ASL. If you would like translation assistance or help with completing your application in English, please request an application feedback consultation and specify your language preference.

FAQ: Can I submit a video response and a written response? Is it better to submit my responses in written format or video?
ANSWER: For each response, please only submit either a written response or video response, not both. There is no advantage to submitting your answers in either written or video format.

FAQ: Can you tell me if there are page length guidelines for the Work Sample? I did not find any specific mention of page limits per sample.
ANSWER: We don't have limits for formatting or length for the Work Sample. However, most applicants submit a written sample of about 2-3 pages or a video sample under 5 minutes in length.

FAQ: Does my Work Sample need to show all of what I do that contributes to a vibrant arts ecosystem?
ANSWER: Your Work Sample can include anything that best reflects your work as an artist creating tools, pathways and systems of support. Please use your best judgement, and submit only one Work Sample.

FAQ: Do we, the applicants, define what terms like "tools, pathways and systems of support" are? If not, what is the definition?
ANSWER: Yes, you can define what these terms mean for you and the impact you’re looking to make. The same goes for other broadly defined words like “community” and “artist.”


FAQ: How long is the Fellowship?
ANSWER: The fellowship year starts on October 4, 2021 and runs until October 31, 2022.

FAQ: What can I use the funds for?
ANSWER: Creative Economy Fellows are not required to apply their awards towards existing or future work products. Fellows are encouraged to direct their $10,000 unrestricted funds towards areas that will have the most impact on their careers and overall quality of life. At the beginning of the fellowship, fellows will have the opportunity to receive one-on-one award budgeting sessions with Springboard Artist Career Consultants. Also, Fellows will have the option to schedule their award disbursement(s) in a single payout, or over several payouts during the corresponding tax years. Awards are subject to state and federal income tax guidelines.

FAQ: Do I have to file a report?
ANSWER: Fellows will not need to file any reports during or after the fellowship. Fellowship staff will ask each of the fellows to complete an entrance interview, exit interview and 1-2 surveys to help us learn about and keep improving the program.

FAQ: If awarded, what will the deliverables and time-commitment look like?
ANSWER: Each fellowship year looks a little different, and is co-designed/directed by the current cohort of fellows and Springboard staff. Fellows attend six (6) cohort meetings during their fellowship year and can schedule regular check-ins with the program director, at their discretion. More details will be provided upon request and determined throughout the fellowship year.


FAQ: When does the fellowship application open?
ANSWER: We start accepting applications on August 11, 2021

FAQ: I missed the Info Session. Is a recording available?
ANSWER: Yes, a recording of the Info Session will be posted here on Thu, Aug 26.

FAQ: When is the fellowship application due?
ANSWER: Applications will close on September 10, 2021 at 11:59pm CST. Applications received after this time will not be eligible. 

FAQ: When can I expect to hear back about my application? When are panel reviews?
ANSWER: The application review period runs from September 13-24 and we will update applicants about their status during then. 

FAQ: When will the Fellows be announced?
ANSWER: This year’s awardees will be announced on October4, 2021.

FAQ: How long is the Fellowship?
ANSWER: The fellowship year starts on October 4, 2021 and runs until October 31, 2022.

Creative Economy Fellowship Application

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