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Current and incoming artists

The following artists have been selected to participate in the Hinge Arts Residency in Fergus Falls between December 2019 and June 2020.  These artists will either focus on career development or homecoming during their time in Fergus Falls, and several will offer workshops or programs in the Fergus Falls area. Learn more about the artists and their residency projects with Artist Meet & Greets. Events take place from 5pm- 6pm on Tuesdays (unless otherwise noted) at Springboard for the Arts.

FALCON GOTT |  Career Development, November 2019
Meet & greet Falcon on November 26th, 2019

Headshot of Falcon GottMinnesota based filmmaker Falcon Gott has been developing his style in digital filmmaking for the past several years. Falcon currently focuses on documentary style short films, but plans to venture into the narrative style within the coming year. The topics of such documentary style films focuses on Native American subject matter. As an emerging Native American filmmaker, Falcon sees it as a responsibility to document voices from those who apart of the Native American culture. By doing so, such voices and shared experiences express truth to a Native American audience.

ALO OSBERG |  Homecoming, January 2020
Meet & greet Alo on January 7th, 2020

Headshot of Alo Osberg

Alo Osberg (they/them) is an interdisciplinary artist and fabricator who uses performance, participatory and conceptual art to facilitate question asking and wonder making. They are committed to the promotion of art and cultural heritage as a means of community building, life-long learning, and social and environmental healing. Blurring the lines of artisan craft and fine arts, they are exploring the possibilities of a folk futurism that marries ancestral knowledge with modern synthetic materials and waste. Descending from five generations of women who settled and worked in Dakota and Anishinaabe territory (now called West Central Minnesota), Alo grew up visiting family every summer in Fergus Falls and Pelican Rapids searching for the elusive otters and pelicans depicted in concrete sculptures and road-signs. Now based out of Minneapolis, they have worked with museums, theatres, schools and festivals nationally and internationally to produce interactive exhibits, sculptures, experimental puppetry and workshops.

NIK NERBURN | Alumni, February 2020
Meet & greet Nik on February 18th, 2020

Headshot of Nik Nerburn

Nik is an artist working in collaboration with place. He makes films, books, photos, and zines. While working as an educator and exhibiting artist, Nik also develops long-term documentary projects that tell stories about communities. Nik organizes free family picture days, storefront photo shows, live-narrated neighborhood home-movies, marathon polaroid portrait giveaways, and rural outdoor experimental cinema screenings, always looking for the astonishing in the everyday. Nik collaborates with neighborhood organizations, churches, corner stores, families, small businesses, after-school programs, non-profits, libraries, and museums. Nik lives and works in Duluth, Minnesota, on the far western edge of Lake Superior. He also works for, as the bookie for Macuna Wallpapering, and as a ghost tour guide in Duluth.

SUSAN SMITH-GRIER |  Career Development, March 2020
Meet & greet Susan on March 31st, 2020

Headshot of Susan Smith-GrierSue Smith-Grier is a writer, copywriter, and award-winning poet. She has contributed to several magazines and websites over the years including three regional magazines, Lake Country Journal, Her Voice, and Lakes Area Living. Her work also appears in Blues Vision, an anthology of African American Minnesotan writers of note, and Photowrite 2018, a compilation of photographs, poetry, and prose by Brainerd Lakes Area photographers, poets and writers. In addition to her writing skills, she is also known for her work as a storyteller and songwriter. She delights in the power of words and story and believes peace on earth is possible if we really listen to each other's stories. Susan has two adult children of whom she is very proud and an exceptionally wonderful grandson about whom she cannot say enough good things.

LINDSEY SCHERLOUM |  Career Development, May 2020
Meet & greet Lindsey on May 26th, 2020

Headshot of Lindsey ScherloumLindsey Peck Scherloum is a North Braddock, PA based artist who works in sculpture, photography, installation, and performance to create collaborative and participatory experiences that provoke narratives around ordinary objects, environments, and experiences as a means to connect her audiences across identity. She is especially interested in creating spaces for stories which are not yet part of mainstream discourse. To this end, she has worked with youth in Nyanza, Kenya, at the Braddock Youth Project, at the Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History, and with people incarcerated at Allegheny County Jail and PA State Correctional Institute. She was recently resident artist at United Somali Bantu of Greater Pittsburgh, through Pittsburgh’s Office of Public Art artist in the public realm residencies, where she working collaboratively with refugees from Somalia to solve community problems through creative strategies. She holds a BA in art and anthropology from NYU's Gallatin School of Interdisciplinary Study, and an MFA in creative writing from Chatham University. Her work has been shown in spaces across the US including the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, Mine Factory and the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium, and has been published in journals such as Hot Metal Bridge and Fiber Art Now.



LAURA KORYNTA |  Career Development, December 2019
Meet & greet Laura on December 10th, 2019

Headshot of Laura Korynta

Laura Korynta is a multimedia artist residing in St Paul, MN. She explores the narratives and folktales of women through the use of traditional and unconventional watercolor, paper sculptures, dioramas, and puppetry. Working at a smaller scale she invites viewers to have an intimate experience and be an active part of the lore making for the piece. Laura is inspired by the landscapes of Minnesota and her wanderings around the world. She has been a part of the Barebones Halloween Extravaganza since 2015 and a mentee for the 2019 Fringe Festival’s “Beyond the Box” mentorship program for emerging artists.

JARON CHILDS |  Career Development, February 2020
Meet & greet Jaron on February 4th, 2020

Headshot of Jaron Childs

Jaron Childs is an artist, musician, and poet whose work focuses on repairing our relationship with the world. His paintings have shown in galleries and museums in the U.S. and Europe, including a solo exhibition at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts in 2014. He lives with his family in the north woods near Tomahawk, WI.


BRYAN THAO WORRA |  Career Development, March 2020
Meet & greet Bryan on March 10th, 2020

Headshot of Bryan Thao Worra

Bryan Thao Worra is a 2009 US National Endowment for the Arts Fellow in Literature and a 2019 Joyce Fellow. He holds over 20 awards for his writing and community leadership. Thao Worra is featured in over 100 international publications and wrote 8+ books. The Creative Works Editor for the Journal of Southeast Asian American Education and Advancement, he is also president of the international Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association. The Lao Minnesotan Poet Laureate, he serves on the Minnesota State Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans advising the legislature on policies affecting Lao refugees.

GINA BERNARD |  Career Development, May 2020
Meet & greet Gina on May 12th, 2020

Gina Marie Bernard is a heavily tattooed transgender woman, retired roller derby vixen, and high school English teacher. She lives in Bemidji, Minnesota. Her daughters, Maddie and Parker, share her heart. Her work has recently been nominated for Best of the Net, Best Small Fictions, and the Pushcart Prize. Her third chapbook of poetry, Taxonomies, is scheduled for release with Thirty West Publishing in March 2020. She is pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Arkansas, Monticello.


Austin Turley, visual, Portland, OR, Career Development
Nahshon Anderson, literary, New York, NY, Career Development
Elyse-Krista Mische, visual, Appleton, WI, Homecoming
Rosalie Smith, visual, New Orleans, LA, Career Development
Sterling Melcher, performance, Philadelphia, PA, Career Development
Meg Kirchhoff, performance, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Tina Gross, literary, St. Cloud, MN, Career Development
Glenda Reed, literary, Minneapolis, MN, Alumni
Eben Kowler, performance, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Brandi Homan, literary, Aurora, CO, Career Development
Amanda Lewis, performance, Fergus Falls, MN, Homecoming
Robert Uehlin, dance/film, Portland, OR, Alumni
Abby Schnure, visual, Cincinnati, OH, Career Development
Andrew Turpening, music/performance, St. Paul, MN, Career Development
Ryan Evans, music/sound art, St. Paul, MN, Career Development


Ellie Kingsbury, multimedia, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Charles Matson Lume, visual, Saint Paul, MN, Career Development
Jes Reys, film, Saint Paul, MN, Career Development
Christine Marcotte, literature, Deer River, MN, Career Development
Stephen Krishnan, guitar, Austin, TX, Career Development
Siloh Radovsky, interdisciplinary, Olympia, WA, Career Development
Dakota Sexton, multidisciplinary, Eagan, MN, Creative Placemaking
Bethany Lacktorin, multidisciplinary, Brooten, MN, Creative Placemaking
Mary Provenza, visual, New York, NY, Creative Placemaking
Katina Bitsicas, visual, Columbia, MO, Career Development
Liz Miller, visual/installation, Good Thunder, MN, Career Development
David Hamlow, visual/installation, Good Thunder, MN, Career Development
Joshua Weinberg, composer/musician, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Holly Streekstra, visual, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Tessa Torgeson, writer, Fargo, ND, Career Development
Sharon Mansur, visual/performance, Winona, MN, Career Development
Glenda Reed, writer, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
M.E. Fuller, literature, Brainerd, MN, Career Development
Courtney A. Johnson, multimedia, Nashville, TN, Creative Placemaking
Grace Clark, visual, Lake Park, MN, Career Development
Su Hwang, poetry, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development


Don Clark, photography, Moorhead, MN, Creative Placemaking
Nancy Cook, literature, Saint Paul, MN, Creative Placemaking
Kristina Estell, visual, Duluth, MN, Creative Placemaking
Chandra Glaeseman, multimedia, Portland, OR, Creative Placemaking
Haley Honeman, theater, Mesa, AZ, Creative Placemaking
Courtney A. Johnson, multimedia, Nashville, TN, Creative Placemaking
Skye Livingston, multimedia, Kansas City, MO, Creative Placemaking
Ana Miller, vocal, Morris, MN, Creative Placemaking
Scott Miller, composition, St. Cloud, MN, Creative Placemaking
Timothy Moore, literature, Chicago, IL, Career Development
Shannon Murray, music, Bemidji, MN, Creative Placemaking
Nik Nerburn, film, Atlanta, GA, Creative Placemaking
Caitlin Scarano, poetry, Milwaukee, WI, Creative Placemaking
Dana Sikkila, visual, North Mankato, MN, Creative Placemaking
Ethan Smith, photography, Fargo, ND, Creative Placemaking
Kevin Springer, sound, Minneapolis, MN, Creative Placemaking
Maria Stabio, visual, Brooklyn, NY, Career Development
Timothy C. Takach, composition, Minneapolis, MN, Creative Placemaking
Robert Uelkin, dance/film, Troutdale, OR, Creative Placemaking
Rosie Yerke, dance, Troutdale, OR, Creative Placemaking


Wesley Fawcett Creigh, mixed media/visual, Tucson, AZ, Homecoming
Marya Hart, composer/musician, Minneapolis, MN, Homecoming
Michael Vangel, writer/musician, Roseville, MN, Career Development
Jared Coffin, composer/musician, Hudson, WI, Career Development
Martha Bird, multidisciplinary/maker, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Erin Kate Ryan, writer, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Dillon Samuelson, visual, Lititz, PA, Career Development
Annalise Bue, visual, Rosemount, MN, Career Development
Allison Roberts, visual, Shawnee, KS, Career Development
Benjamin Domask, performance/visual, Saint Paul, MN, Career Development
James Colby, composer/musician, Tucson, AZ, Career Development
Brian Laidlaw, composer/musician, Boulder, CO, Career Development
Dana Sikkila, visual, Mankato, MN, Alumni
Desdamona, spoken word/performance, St. Paul, MN, Career Development
Laura Latimer, visual, Austin, TX, Career Development
Allison Ellingson, visual, Chicago, IL, Career Development
Katelyn Haugdahl, visual/film making, Los Angeles, CA, Homecoming
Melissa Wray, community storytelling, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Joe Davis, spoken word, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Karima Walker, composer/visual, Tucson, AZ, Career Development
Mai'a Williams, literary, Winona, MN, Career Development
Kevin Thomas, literary/visual, Gig Harbor, WA, Career Development
Sabrina Hornung, visual, Fargo, ND, Career Development
Megan Flød Johnson, visual, St. Paul, MN, Career Development
Seth Dahlseid, visual, Minneapolis, MN, Homecoming
Torey Erin, visual, Minneapolis, MN, Homecoming
Asako Hirabayashi, composer/musician, St. Paul, MN, Alumni
Erika Andersen, musician, Boca Raton, FL, Homecoming
Ashley Strazzinski, visual, North Adams, MA, Career Development
Felix Ayodele, musician/songwriter, Denver, CO, Career Development
Laura Youngbird, visual, Breckenridge, MN, Career Development


Jane Claire Remick, multimedia, Washington, D.C., Career Development
Mary Rothlisberger, multimedia, Palouse, WA, Creative Placemaking
Bess Boever, composition, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Ashley Hanson, music, Saint Paul, MN, Career Development
Lindsy Halleckson, visual, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Susan Lenz, visual, Columbia, SC, Career Development
Josh Preston, literature, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Nik Nerburn, film, Atlanta, GA, Creative Placemaking
Eric Larson, theater, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
David Hamlow, visual, Good Thunder, MN, Career Development
Gina Hunt, visual, Good Thunder, MN, Creative Placemaking
Rebecca Yates, poetry, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Stephan Clark, literature, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Rene Meyer-Grimberg, multimedia, Saint Paul, MN, Creative Placemaking
Christine Marcotte, literature, Deer River, MN, Career Development
Katherine Bergstrom, dance, New York, NY, Career Development
Asako Hirabayashi, composition, Falcon Heights, MN, Career Development