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Dakota County

2D Artwork Procurement (RFP)

Location: MN - Twin Cities Metro
Type: Commissions / Proposals
Category: Public art

City: Hastings, MN
Stipend: $0-$6,000 total project budget
Organization website: www.co.dakota.mn.us
Direct link to apply: https://www.co.dakota.mn.us/Government/DoingBusiness/BidProposalsInformation/Pages/community-corrections-artwork.aspx
Is this a remote / work from home position?: N/A (commission, RFP, etc.)

Job description

Dakota County is seeking proposals for 2D artwork for the Community Corrections Lobbies. Our intention is to purchase and display existing pieces of artwork, not to commission the creation of new pieces for each space. See proposal on website for schematic level drawings and photographs of the existing spaces where artwork will be displayed.

In 2020 the Dakota County Community Corrections staff originated a project to upgrade three different department lobby spaces in three different buildings and cities throughout Dakota County. The original intent was to incorporate the department’s Inclusion, Diversity and Equity efforts and upgrade the lobby spaces to create a more welcoming environment for users, including both staff and members of the public. The goal was to create environments that would be warm and welcoming to all, and that would not cause additional trauma or add stress to the visit.

The County worked with a design consultant to explore options and design solutions to meet the project goals. Principals from trauma-informed-design became the main drivers for the project solutions. These principals ensured that physical changes to the spaces, colors and materials used, and fixtures and furnishings that were added worked together as a wholistic design solution.

In addition to physical changes and new furnishings for each lobby space, the Department also wants to add 2D artwork to help bring the overall design concept together. The goal is to select artwork with intent that matches or enhances the overall design solution for each space.

The 2D artwork the County is seeking for these spaces shall factor in the following criteria or goals. These items will be used as the basis for artwork selection:
a) Be visually engaging and provide focal interest points in the spaces while matching or enhancing the aesthetics of the space. Artwork shall contribute to an overall calming and welcoming environment.
b) Be sensitive to the nature of the activities that occur in the spaces. This includes people meeting with court assigned Probation Officers and Community Corrections staff. These interactions can be high-stress and intimidating.
c) Effectively explore themes of inclusion, diversity and equity. Dakota County includes residents from different backgrounds and cultures, with different abilities and needs, who have numerous cultural traditions, values and beliefs. The County strives to reflect the diversity of our community throughout our work and aims to ensure that everyone who experiences different physical spaces feels welcome.
d) Convey imagery that is appropriate for the intended audience, which may include families or young children. Avoid images of nudity, violence or other explicit imagery.
e) Utilize materials that are appropriate for the space and do not require ongoing maintenance other than occasional light cleaning.
f) Meets the specifications of the proposed artwork installation areas.

Project Budget:
The Dakota County Public Arts Committee has identified a budget of $6,000 for this project. This budget shall cover all associated costs for the procurement, preparation, delivery and installation of the selected artwork. This shall include any costs associated with reproductions, printing, matting, framing, or preparations necessary to allow the installation of the artwork. This shall also include RFP for Community Corrections Lobby Artwork, issued 11-22-2021 Page 4 of 9 delivery or shipping of selected artwork to the project locations (note three different project locations in three different cities). The County anticipates issuing a Purchase Order to the selected Artist or Vendor for one lump sum cost that covers all costs as described above.

Qualifications or requirements

All Dakota County residents with demonstrated experience with art exhibitions or displays are eligible to submit a proposal response for this project.

The general artwork criteria in terms of style and content is the same for each of the three Community Corrections Lobby spaces. But each lobby space has different available wall areas, sizes and color palettes as described herein. Our intention is to select and procure artwork specific to each space to add to the unique experience for users. It is not our intention to duplicate or to have the same artwork in each space.

1. Northern Service Center (NSC), 1 Mendota Road West, West St. Paul, MN.
a) The Community Corrections Lobby at NSC is located on the 5th floor of the building. This lobby space is an interior, enclosed area with staffed service counters and two adjacent meeting rooms. There are no exterior windows or doors so this space does not have any natural light.
b) The walls in this lobby space are covered in an existing tan and cream vinyl wall covering that will remain. This provides a generally light, neutral appearance to the space. The ceiling will remain as a typical white grid with 2×2 acoustical tile. The carpet will be replaced with new black and gray based carpet tile.
c) Available wall areas to receive artwork includes:
i. North wall – approximately 18’-0” long
ii. West wall, south of door – approximately 4’-0” long

2. Western Service Center (WSC), 14955 Galaxie Ave, Apple Valley, MN.
a) The Community Corrections Lobby at WSC is located on the 1st floor of the building. This space is a large, interior lobby area shared with the First Judicial District Courts. This space has some natural light from overhead skylights.
b) The majority of the walls in this space will be covered with a cream colored vinyl wall covering at the top with a dark gray painted wall panel at the bottom (Sherwin Williams 6250 Granite Peak). The vinyl wall covering will have limited metallic stripes, but overall it will appear as a neutral wall. The ceiling is painted in a bright white color with skylights and lighted soffits. The existing carpet will remain, which is a blue based carpet tile.
c) The available wall areas to receive artwork includes an approximately 12’-0” long area on the east wall, at the far south end of the lobby.

3. Judicial Center (JDC), 1560 Hwy 55, Hastings, MN.
a) The Community Corrections Lobby at JDC is located on the 2nd floor of the building. This space is an interior, enclosed area with staffed service counters and one RFP for Community Corrections Lobby Artwork, issued 11-22-2021 Page 5 of 9 adjacent conference room. There are no exterior windows or doors, so this space does not have any natural light.
b) Specified paint wall colors for this space include Sherwin Williams 7653 Silverpointe with one accent wall in Sherwin Williams 6242 Bracing Blue. This space also has existing medium to dark stained wood ceilings that will remain. The existing carpet will remain, which is a black and gray based carpet tile.
c) Available wall areas to receive artwork includes:
i. South wall – approximately 11’-0” long
ii. West wall, south of door – approximately 10’-0” long
iii. West wall, north of door – approximately 4’-0” long

Selection Process:
A team of County staff will work directly with representatives of the Dakota County Public Arts Committee to review proposals to determine which vendor’s artwork will be selected for purchase and installation. Selection will be based on the following factors:
a) Vendor Eligibility and Experience
b) Proposed Artwork
c) Proposed Cost

Artwork Ownership and License:
The selected and purchased artwork shall be owned by Dakota County. The Artist grants the County a royalty-free irrevocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable perpetual license in all works or materials created pursuant to this agreement. The County may prepare, copy, use and distribute these works or materials and create derivative works or materials for the benefit of County or government purposes or uses, or as required by law. The only restrictions on the County’s use of works or materials and derivative works or materials related to this agreement are those specifically stated in this section.

Key Dates:
The following key dates are subject to change based on the proposal responses received and compliance with the intended criteria.
Request for Proposals Issued: November 22, 2021
Proposals Responses Due: December 15, 2021
Review of Proposal Responses: December 22, 2021
Artwork Selection: December 31, 2021
County Issues Purchase Order: January 14, 2022
Artwork Delivery: February 25, 2022

How to apply


Proposal Requirements:
To facilitate the selection process, the following items must be included in the proposal.

1. Cover Letter or Letter of Interest (1 page maximum): Letter should be at the front of the Proposal and shall include the following elements:
a) Artist’s name or official business name (if applicable);
b) Contact information, including address, phone number, email address and website (if applicable);
c) Summary of the Artist’s interest in this project;
d) A statement that the proposal shall remain valid for a period of not less than 60 days from the date of submittal; and
e) Signature of a person authorized to bind the Artist to the terms of the proposal.

2. Current professional resume. Include project efforts or work that is similar in nature to this project, including experience with public art, similar scopes and budgets.

3. Brief Artist statement (limited to 500 words). This shall describe the Artist’s motivations, theories or approach to developing the proposed artwork.

4. 7-10 images of proposed artwork for this project.

5. Proposed artwork list. List of proposed artwork for this project. List shall include name of piece, year completed, description of work, materials used, size dimensions and any other relevant information to describe the work being submitted. This shall also include any other locations or owners of the artwork piece, such as if this piece is installed in other public or private businesses or has been used in other publications.

6. Proposed costs. List of proposed costs for each proposed piece of artwork, including cost options (if applicable). Proposed costs may be included in the above artwork list instead of as a separate items or section.

7. 2 professional references with current contact information and brief description of relationship.

8. Completed Non-Collusion and Conflict of Interest Statement and completed Trade Secret Information Form.

Submission of Proposal:
All items to be received by the County Project Manager on or before the date and time listed in this RFP.

1. One (1) electronic copy of the proposal in PDF format. This one file shall include all items to be part of the proposal. Do not send multiple files or pieces of the proposal as individual files.

2. File size shall not exceed 10 MB.

3. If file size cannot be reduced to under 10 MB, a copy of the proposal can be submitted on a CD, DVD or flash drive and mailed, shipped or delivered to the County Project Manager. Submission date and time deadline still applies.

4. The County may reject or return for completion any proposal that is not sufficiently detailed or that is in an unacceptable form.

Forms and Attachments: (see website https://www.co.dakota.mn.us/Government/DoingBusiness/BidProposalsInformation/Pages/community-corrections-artwork.aspx)
– Non-Collusion and Conflict of Interest Statement
– Trade Secret Information Form
– Attachment A: JDC schematic drawings and photographs of the existing space
– Attachment B: NSC schematic drawings and photographs of the existing space
– Attachment C: WSC schematic drawings and photographs of the existing space

Questions regarding this Request for Proposals should be directed to:
Trish Bremer, Sr Project Manager
Capital Projects Management
Dakota County Administration Center
1590 West Highway 55
Hastings, MN 55033
Phone: 651-438-4357
E-mail: trish.bremer@co.dakota.mn.us