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Team Dynamics LLC

Client Success Manager

Location: Twin Cities Metro, MN
Type: Temp / Contract
Category: Administrative

City: Minneapolis
Salary: $67,250/year

Job description

As a coaching and facilitation team focused on race and gender justice, we are taking our 25 years of combined experience and reaching out to work with a wide variety of nonprofits, foundations, corporations and individual leaders. We, both co-founders and principals, are looking for a new staff person to partner with us. Team Dynamics’ Client Success Manager (CSM) will be our firm’s leader on organizing and managing our work flow and priorities to ensure we meet our client’s needs. We need your support to ensure we are using our time in strategic ways so that we have the energy and time required to develop our business and lead whole, healthy lives.

The Client Success Manager will work across the team (Co-Founders, Senior Strategists, Bookkeeper, Executive Assistant) to lead and implement an excellent customer service and project management experience. The CSM will serve in a critically important bridge role between internal staff and external clients in order to achieve both team culture and revenue goals.

The CSM will most often be Team Dynamics’ first touch with our active and prospective clients. You will be responsible for managing a client portfolio of approximately $1 Million or 25 active organization clients at any given time. Those 25 clients have up to 4 different individuals we are regularly working closely to
support. The CSM is a hybrid of Account Executive, Project Manager, and Customer Service responsibilities, focused on the deliverables of each client contract.

● Client-Centric
○ Attend client meetings and regular check-ins (phone, web, and/or in-person)
○ Be a reliable and caring resource. Get to know our clients as people so you can best support them
○ Partner strategically with clients, learning about their goals, scope of work and business / institution / sector
○ Offer our full suite of relevant services to each client so they understand all the ways that we can help them reach their goals

● Marketing – and Business – Focused
○ Not just delivering off-the-shelf answers. We don’t just provide workplace training at Team Dynamics, we fundamentally change the experience of work across race and
gender. If selected, co-founders will walk through exactly what we mean here.
○ Learn to understand, empathize with the needs of, and operationalize diversity, equity and inclusion best practices throughout your interactions and offerings with clients
○ Make time for ongoing training and self-study in the ever-changing field of race/gender equity

● Contract Deliverable Focus
○ Manage the tasks of client scope and activate internal staff to deliver
○ Monitor and develop relevant reports – tracking both progress and capacity
○ Help us expand and deepen our reach by being an advocate for our team; staying
abreast of the latest and greatest industry and service delivery trends and resources

● Project Manage
○ Effectively and efficiently manage project budgets and priorities
○ Help clients make progress through their priorities, towards their goals

● Quality Service Delivery
○ Get to know the client’s ecosystem so we are giving them relevant and timely support
○ Assure quality of our services and project delivery

● Finance
○ Own the invoices, billing, and accounts receivable of our clients. This is a partnership, and we expect on-time invoice payments on the client’s end and accurate invoicing on our end.

● Scheduling + Time Management
○ Partner with internal staff and clients to book training and coaching sessions in
accordance with staff capacity and client deliverables

● Customer Service
○ Partner with the Executive Assistant to “answer the phone” (this includes email) when clients reach out and route client requests or needs efficiently and effectively

Qualifications or requirements

 Personable – like communicating by phone and over email for most of your work day (this doesn’t mean you have to be an extrovert, it means that you’ll be spending a lot of time on the phone and in email communicating with many different people each day)
 Detail Lover – you like charts, graphs, spreadsheets, lists and using them to meet a client need brings you joy
 Creative Problem Solver → “Get To Yes” Person – your job is to find a way to say “Yes and…” to our clients not to say “we can’t”, clients will report that you made the logistics feel easy
 Relational – our clients want to feel like they have “their person,” to be successful in this role you will be motivated by and enjoy developing meaningful professional relationships with each client contact
 Unflappable – some communications may feel high intensity (ex. urgent, immediate, etc.); we need a person committed to creative problem-solving, even under pressure
 Diplomatic – able to balance competing priorities and requests without compromising our client relationships or organizational integrity
 Mindful – ability to find the interdependencies in each activity and plan accordingly. For example, if 3 clients make a major request all in one day you would consider context and relationship before treating each as a “fire.”
 Team Player – our success is based on what we do together; we need someone who is enjoys working with internal and external teams to meet deadlines and achieve goals.
 Self-Aware – because our work is about upending the impacts of racism and misogyny at the structural levels, we want to work with folks doing their own development related to identity and culture and who want to talk openly as a team about the impacts of racism and misogyny on our bodies and within/among our team

 Strong written and verbal communication skills in English – it’s important that there is not a patterns of written mistakes in emails, schedules, or in invoices
 Proficient in Microsoft Office and Google Suite
 Experience using phone and video conferencing platforms such as, Zoom, Skype and Cisco Webex
 Generally available to work 35 hours per week, via phoneZoom/Skype and/or in person, Mondays through Thursdays 10:00am – 4:00pm Central time. We are very flexible for caregivers who might need to provide rides, support, attend appointments or be available for caregiving
 Openness to working on a mixed race, mixed gender team. At Team Dynamics people of color and white folks, people across spectrums of masculinity and femininity, partner together to advance race/gender equity and build a world we can all be proud of.

In this role you would report to Alfonso Wenker, a queer, currently 32 year old, Latinx man. People of color, Women, LGBTQIA2S (i.e. lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, allied, Two Spirit) people are strongly encouraged to apply. We will not close the search until the candidate pool is 75% people of color.

How to apply

Send an email to, and include the following:

– 2-3 paragraphs in the email (not attached, write in the body of the email) telling us why you are interested in this position and how you believe you meet the qualifications. By paragraph we mean a set of 3-7 sentences, meaning we expect the length of the email to be no longer than 21 sentences. You will not receive more or less consideration because of a shorter or longer email. DO NOT send us a cover letter. In this process we are looking for someone that pays attention to detail and follows direction. If you send a cover letter, this will be considered not following directions.

– Resume as an attachment (as a .doc, .docx or .PDF) OR link to your LinkedIn profile. We do not have a strong preference on which one. You will not receive special consideration for sending both. Our aim is to understand where you have worked before and the types of roles you have had. Maybe you’ve been an account executive at an ad agency, maybe you’ve been a project manager for hire, maybe you’ve worked in operations or HR and are passionate about process, maybe you’ve worked in a call center – we are open and interested in hearing from folks across the spectrum of experience and industry.

Qualified applicants will receive a reply within five business days to schedule a conversation. Planned start date is Tuesday, July 23, 2019. Position open until filled. Start date flexible – can start into August.