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Twin Cities Catalyst Music

Digital Content Coordinator

Location: MN - Twin Cities Metro
Type: Part Time
Category: Design and art direction

City: Burnsville, MN
Salary: $18.00 per hour
Organization website: www.catalystmusic.org
Direct link to apply: www.thegaragemn.com/employment
Is this a remote / work from home position?: This is a hybrid position (partially remote, partially site-based)

Job description

Twin Cities Catalyst Music is seeking a part-time Digital Content Coordinator who is responsible for the creation of various media content on behalf of Twin Cities Catalyst Music. Weekly duties would include graphic design for concert & event flyers, concert and portrait photography, and optimizing concert footage for Instagram and TikTok.

Qualifications or requirements

– High school diploma or equivalent
– 1-2 years experience
– Excellent verbal, written, and organizational skills
– Detailed knowledge of Google Docs
– Proficient with graphic design software
– Technologically proficient
– Social media savvy

How to apply

Send your resume and cover letter to Executive Director Jack Kolb-Williams at: employment@catalystmusic.org