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In The Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater

Executive Co-Directors

Location: MN - Twin Cities Metro
Type: Full Time
Category: Executive and management

City: Minneapolis, MN
Salary: $54,000 to $66,800 / yr.
Website: https://hobt.org/wp-content/uploads/Executive-Co-Directors-Job-Description-FNL.pdf
Is this a remote / work from home position?: No

Job description

Opportunity: We are seeking two qualified candidates for the shared position of Executive Co-Directors at In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre (HOBT). As this organization emerges from its chrysalis in 2021, we’re seeking a “start-up” like attitude while bridging with the past, which requires adaptability and patience, real-time decision making, and collaborative vision!

Reports to: In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask (HOBT) Board of Directors
Supervises: All permanent and contract staff are supervised by Executive Co-Directors with a goal of equitable and work-plan-aligned distribution.
Core areas: Fundraising, Financial Management, Artistic & Leadership Development, Program Management

Overview: The Executive Co-Directors will work with HOBT’s staff and board to implement the organization’s mission: “In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre brings people together for the common good through the power of puppet and mask performance.” The Executive Co-Directors will oversee all aspects of the organization to ensure financially sustainable, efficient, and effective operations that meet strategic goals. They will collaborate with staff to co-create their roles, and work in committees based on their expertise, experience, and passion. Through co-development with the MayDay Council, Executive Co-Directors will support the creation of a decentralized, accessible MayDay celebration. Through building relationships with collaborating organizations, Executive Co-Directors will foster the development of an “Avalon Cohort”: reimagining the Avalon Theatre as a Co-operative space that fosters unity, growth and community among creators and theatre artists. Schedule: The two positions would sum to 1.5 full-time equivalents (FTE) to begin, with an option of expanding to 2 FTE over time or an additional part-time support position. General hours will be M-F, during daytime hours, with some evenings and weekends required. All staff are expected to be available to work during identified Experience MayDay / Celebration dates.

Compensation: HOBT offers a competitive salary based on education, experience, and fit. HOBT uses the 2018 Minnesota Council on Nonprofits Salary & Benefits Survey to guide our salary range of $54,000 to $66,800 for one FTE.

Benefits: Each Co-Executive Director accrues PTO at the standard rate for a new HOBT employee, which is 1 hour of PTO for each 12 hours of work; 10 paid holidays (includes floating holidays). Health Insurance is available on an opt-in basis.

What success looks like at HOBT and in this role :
● Decision making: HOBT is managed by three bodies – the Board of Directors, the MayDay Council, and HOBT Staff. Executive Leadership supports the synthesis of ideas and projects throughout these bodies for design, implementation and approval using an adapted MOCHA framework. Our decision making is based on consensus and our working structures are collaborative in order to support intentional transparency.
● Problem Solving: Executive Co-Directors proactively address challenges in the internal and external environment to protect organizational interests.
● Accomplice & DEI Work: HOBT is a historically White-led organization. The Staff, Board and communities of HOBT are actively and strategically dismantling White Supremacy Culture within our organization with the intention of transforming HOBT into a genuinely equitable institution.  You can read more about HOBT’s equity work here.
● Our culture around deadlines and timeliness: Whenever possible, deadlines are set on a mutually agreeable basis. With the understanding that timelines change, we value meeting shared agreements and showing consideration to others. Given the collaborative nature of our work, deadlines and timelines are shared by the staff as a team.
● Emergent Strategy: For two years, HOBT has used adrienne maree brown’s book EMERGENT STRATEGY as a toolkit to build common vocabulary around the change work we want to see within our organization and our community. An example of what this looks like in practice is summarized here.
● Dress code: We have a casual dress code and invite our staff, artists, volunteers, and community to dress comfortably and show up as their authentic selves.

Work Areas:

Internal Affairs: Executive Leadership develops and maintains key internal relationships and healthy staff dynamics and organizational function.

Executive Leadership ensures appropriate staff capacity for and oversight of compliance with all laws and other requirements that apply to the organization

Financial Management
Executive Co-Directors works with the Board Treasurer and bookkeeper: ensures appropriate staff capacity for and oversees all Financial Management including budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, and fiscal compliance.

Human Resources Management
Executive Co-Directors are responsible for ensuring appropriate human resources capacity for implementing strategic goals. Human Resources include employees, contractors and volunteers (including volunteer board members). Executive Co-Directors identify capacity needs, ensuring appropriate job descriptions and compensation rates, managing an equitable recruiting and hiring process, onboarding, training, administering benefits, developing and maintaining personnel policy. Annual reviews, off-boarding, termination, and providing recommendations.

External Affairs: Executive Co-Directors develop and maintain key external relationships with peer organizations, funders, government entities and others.

Fund Development
Executive Co-Directors ensure appropriate capacity for and oversight of all aspects of the organization’s fund development work including individual donors, government and foundation grant funding sources, and earned revenue streams.

Communications and Marketing
Executive Co-Directors ensures appropriate capacity for and oversight of communications and marketing of the organization’s mission, goals, programs and impacts.

Executive Co-Directors ensure appropriate capacity for and oversight of evaluation planning, data collection, assessment, and evaluation of data to measure progress toward organizational strategic goals.

Programming: Executive Co-Directors ensures appropriate capacity for and oversight of programs that support the strategic goals of the organization.

Work Plan Development & Strategic Planning
Executive Co-Directors under the direction of the Board of Directors, and are responsible for developing and updating HOBT’s Mission and Values and maintaining short-term and long-term strategic goals with / for the board and staff.

Supporting Strategic Partnerships
Executive Co-Directors support the implementation of strategic partnerships in order to support a decentralization and cooperative ownership. Strategic partnerships can support and leverage the assets of Experience / MayDay Celebration, and the Avalon Theater Co-Operative. This work is in collaboration with key staff as well as the MayDay Council and communities.

Critical Development: Executive co-Directors support the capacity for and oversight of the organization’s Cultural Appropriation Policy, personnel policy, and Sexual Harassment Policy

Qualifications or requirements

Skills & Experience:
A successful candidate will have some combination of the following experiences. Since we are hiring a co-team you are invited to elevate YOUR skills/passions/personality. But don’t feel you have to “check all the boxes”. Your cover letter and/or resume should clearly articulate your skills and experiences in a way that connects with the following list:
● Previous experience serving community arts, performing arts, theater and/or puppetry.
● Collaborative disposition with experience working with a board, and/or advisory council(s), strategic partnerships.
● Previous experience in a co-leadership role
● Demonstrated self-awareness when working across race and cultures; and past experience working towards equity and justice in a nonprofit management context.
● Geographic and Identity based community understandings. Understanding of region and community local to the Avalon Theater (1500 E Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55407)
● Deep understanding of financial strategies and finance-related performance metrics.
● Previous experience with fundraising and development
● Demonstrated ability to develop and implement successful strategic plans
● Previous experience with site management, cooperative resources, artistic development, and/or community development
● Previous experience with program implementation
● Master’s degree in arts management, theater, business management or a related field, or relevant experience.
● Technical aptitude with Zoom, Microsoft & Google Suites.
● Language skills: Multilingual candidates preferred

How to apply

Your cover letter should address your skills and experience in these areas, along with the following information:
● Who are you?
● What is your connection to and experience of Lake Street and the neighborhoods surrounding the Avalon Theatre?
● How do you align with / embody / represent HOBT’s MayDay Roots?
● What key challenges will the larger arts community and HOBT face in the coming 2-3 years? How would you address them as an Executive Co-Director?
● What do you see as the essential components of an organizational fundraising, development & finance strategy? What passion or expertise do you bring to this area?


❏  Complete Interview Form
❏  Email resume/cv and 2-3 page cover letter addressing your skills and experience based on the questions listed above to cochairs@hobt.org

Team applications are welcome to apply.

If you have questions on how to apply, please reach out to:

Board Co-chairs Ade and Malia at cochairs@hobt.com for support.

HOBT is an equal opportunity employer. HOBT acknowledges the race, gender, and accessibility gaps in education, employment, and income present in our city, in our state, and in the Twin Cities arts community. Our goal is to be a diverse workforce that is representative, at all job levels, of the communities we serve.

Bilingual / Multilingual candidates are especially encouraged to apply.