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Game Show Battle Rooms

Game Show Host / Board Op

Location: Minnesota - Twin Cities
Type: Part Time
Category: Theatrical performance and direction

City: Golden Valley, MN
Salary: $20 / hr.

Job description

A one-of-a-kind position that does not exist anywhere else in the country right now! An actual Game Show Host/Board op position where you will be facilitating a unique Game Show experience for 10-40 people in our amazing Game Show Arena space. You will be responsible for making the experience incredibly fun for our guests and facilitating through our Game Shows we have developed over a one-hour or 1.5 hour time frame per group/battle.

Qualifications or requirements

Skills Needed –Performing Experience, Witty Personality, Assertive/Loud Voice, Fun & Outgoing, Comfortable Speaking in front of a Group

Job Qualifications – At least 1 year of experience in some format of performing arts, including but not limited to improv, comedy or comedian work, or theater, plays or something similar

Availability – MUST HAVE Tuesday/Thursday daytime availability, weekday 10am-4pm preferred. Opportunities for shows 10am-10pm 7 days a week.

How to apply

Online at, by phone at (612) 440-6090, or in person.

Show reels accepted if you want to send a video of you introducing a game show with the following script:

“Welcome to Game Show Battle Rooms, here live at the studios in Golden Valley MN. We are here again for a great match up in our Classic Showdowns arena. We are battling head to head today with the red team versus the Blue team. Who will take home the gold? Let’s get ready to battle!”