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Minnesota Humanities Center

Humanities Innovation Lab RFP

Location: Minnesota - Twin Cities
Type: RFP / RFQ
Category: Public art
Deadline: May 23, 2019

City: St. Paul, MN
Salary: $250–$2,000 per project

Job description

The Humanities Innovation Lab supports individuals or organizations who use humanities practices and subject matters to make small steps toward a big idea. The Lab supports experimenting, playing, learning, and growing as the essential spark for humanities ideas with public impact. MHC values collaboration, good ideas, and community-driven solutions, so we also look to fund opportunities that could lead to deeper engagement and partnership.

At the core of our work is the Absent Narratives Approach™, a values-driven framework for community engagement and collaboration. The four core values ask us to put relationships with people at the center of community change-making and to center absented voices. The four values are:

• Learn from and with multiple voices
• Build and strengthen diverse relationships
• Recognize the inequity or dangers of a single story
• Amplify community solutions for change

Qualifications or requirements

Who is eligible: Individuals, teams of no more than three individuals, nonprofit organizations (with 501(c)(3) status or a fiscal sponsor that holds 501(c)(3) status), not-for-profit entities, tribal nations, and state/municipal public agencies such as K-12 schools, colleges/universities, or libraries are eligible to apply. All organizations and individuals must be based in Minnesota, in good standing with the IRS, and up to date on reporting and state requirements for any funds previously awarded by the Minnesota Humanities Center.

An organization or individual may apply and receive an award more than once, but they may not receive awards two rounds in a row.

Note: In good standing with the IRS means that the organization has completed all reporting requirements and can therefore receive tax-deductible charitable contributions. We use the IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search to confirm IRS compliance.

Fund requirement: The Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, which underwrites this opportunity, requires that proposed and/or awarded funds support new work or new additions to existing work. These funds must supplement, not substitute, other funding sources.

The Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund prohibits funds from being used to:

• Start, match, add to, or complete any type of capital campaign
• Support capital costs (such as improvements, construction, property, or equipment)
• Pay for indirect costs or other institutional overhead charges that are not directly related and proportional to, and necessary for, the activities outlined in the program proposal
• Cover expenditures incurred before the date we authorize you to begin work
• Support benefits and fundraisers

If an organization or project does not meet all of the above requirements, we will not consider it.

How to apply

Full details:

Eligible organizations can submit proposals in any of the following formats: online form, postal mail, video, or phone message. You may also feel free to suggest an alternative method to MHC at least one week in advance of the deadline.

If you have questions or would like to submit your proposal in a way not mentioned above, contact Laura Benson, Assistant Director of Grants & Administration: or 651-772-4244.