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The Musicant Group


Location: MN - Twin Cities Metro
Type: Commissions / Proposals
Category: Public art

City: Minneapolis, MN
Budget: $12,000
Direct link to apply: https://form.asana.com/?k=cObLIpqK2rHtPVHEvJpp-A&d=1123838985349131
Is this a remote / work from home position?: N/A (commission, RFP, etc.)

Job description

On behalf of Hyde Development and the Branch Out Program, The Musicant Group is seeking local artists to create and maintain a mural in the patio space of the Nordost Exchange building.

Branch Out is a program designed to create vibrant workplace communities within managed properties through unique opportunities, events, and interactive experiences.

The artwork to be produced will be on concrete and cinderblock wall, approximately 33’ x 12’, which will replace the existing mural in shades of blue (pictured). This is the entirety of the shorter patio wall. The work will be supported by social media and internal communications.

Creating a sense of space and place firmly rooted in the feel of the building. Tenants are focused on wellbeing and care from a variety of perspectives as well as hospitality and service.

The building has a modern Scandinavian decor heavily featuring shades of blue, white, and copper with traditional red brick. The patio echos these influences and builds upon the color palette with contrasting colors.

Impactful and meaningful work that represents the goals of the Branch Out program.
Work that fits the style of the building and use of the space.
Using a medium that will stand up well to the elements and require minimal maintenance
Prioritizing artists who are from communities local to the building, and who have been historically marginalized, as a way to support the creative community and create engagement that will be more relevant to the diverse audiences this mural will reach.

Deliverables + Timeline
We are committed to working collaboratively with the selected artist(s) to guide the production of the most impactful strategy to deliver this engagement content. We’re open to input from the artist(s) on how to structure the implementation, but this framework will be the starting point.

Phase 1 Engagement – interviews with building management, key tenants, and building tours to help guide the overall design options as well as materials.
Phase 2 Ideation – The artist will develop and present three options within scope to review with the building team.
Phase 3 Preparation – Once a design has been chosen, the artist will set a schedule for site preparation and materials gathering ahead of installation.
Phase 4 Installation – The artist will set about producing the mural based on best practices for the design and weather.
Phase 5 Maintenance – Following installation, we’d like to set regular maintenance of the mural every six months for the next two years to ensure the longevity and health of the mural overall. Additional time to maintain the mural and/or right of first refusal for a new concept are available options should you wish to continue a working relationship.

Phase 1 should be able to be delivered within one month from the notification of selection. Phase 2 will be delivered within two months from the notification of selection with phases 3 and 4 being determined based upon the design chosen and in collaboration with the artists’ needs and recommendations. Phase 5 maintenance will be determined in consultation with the artist and building management.

The selected artist will receive $12,000 for the ideation, materials, and time to complete the work of this project on a timeline established with the selected artist. This fee also includes time for up to four regular maintenance calls, at six-month intervals. Materials for any needed repairs will be provided at the expense of building management.

Qualifications or requirements

– Inspiration
– Designs and ideas that are especially appealing to the tenants and building management include bold modern and graphic designs, high color, with a variety of patterns, and textures.

How to apply

Submit Work to Apply
Please submit to the included link; a statement and previous work that demonstrates your style and capacity to fulfill the project vision, along with a bio, resume, or CV by December 31, 2021. Selected artists will be notified within two weeks from the closing date.

Deadline for submissions | December 31, 2021
Notification to all applicants | January 14, 2022
Installation Target | June 2022
Installation Target Completion | end of June 2022
Launch Event | July 2022
Maintenance every 6 months | TBD

Tours of the space are available to applicants upon request – please indicate if you would like to schedule a tour in your submission materials.