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Public Art Saint Paul

Sidewalk Poetry Field Coordinator

Location: MN - Twin Cities Metro
Type: Part Time
Category: Administrative
Deadline: July 15, 2020

City: Saint Paul, MN
Salary: $22 per hour
Is this a remote / work from home position?: No

Job description

Public Art Saint Paul is hiring a part-time, temporary Field Coordinator to oversee the stamping of poetry onto sidewalk in St. Paul for its nationally renowned Sidewalk Poetry Program. This person will be responsible for following a sidewalk reconstruction contractor throughout St. Paul to coordinate with them as they pour new sidewalk panels and stamp short poems, written by City residents, into the sidewalks. The Field Coordinator works 20-30 hours/week during the sidewalk replacement season of summer into fall. Schedule can vary, depending on weather impacts and occasional rescheduling of cement contractor crews.

The Field Coordinator must be able to work independently with light supervision by Public Art Saint Paul’s City Artist, Aaron Dysart, and have good communication skills to interact with cement crew personnel, other City staff, and residents where sidewalks are being stamped. They need to have good judgement about selection of poems for different areas, placement of poetry stamp within the sidewalk panel, timing of the stamping based on cement consistency, and ability to responsibly load and drive a small City truck to the stamping areas each day. The Field Coordinator will coordinate with the concrete crew in order to get the stamp placed at the right time in addition to working with the general public to answer questions about the program and work to stamp poems where they are wanted.

Field Coordinator Duties

-Keep up to date with the location and activities of the sidewalk contractor crew. Travel to various parts of the city in provided City vehicle to transport tools and stamps.

-Locate poems in new sidewalk panels. Set up stamps and coordinate with contractor to stamp the poem into the fresh concrete and ensure that the stamping is up to quality standards to ensure legibility.

-Manage poetry stamp collection. This includes organizing the storage space, selecting and transporting stamps, and cleaning stamps after use.

-Track each individual poem location on provided spreadsheet.

-Answer emails and phone calls from the public regarding possible poem stampings.

-Work with Public Art Saint Paul staff to document poem locations on map.

Sidewalk Poetry is an ongoing, systems-based work of art and the vanguard expression of the pioneering idea of “City Art.” This project re-imagines Saint Paul’s annual sidewalk maintenance program as an ongoing publishing entity for a city-sized book of poetry. Sidewalk Poetry allows city residents to claim the sidewalks as their book pages by creating moments of contemplation and reflection through these printed poems.

Sidewalk Poetry brilliantly piggybacks onto an unassuming yet essential City service—a $1 million program in our City’s Public Works Department that repairs 10 miles of sidewalk each year. Using this system, Sidewalk Poetry is able to reach all corners of the City. Today, everyone in St. Paul lives within a 10-minute walk of a Sidewalk Poem.

Since 2008, we have stamped more than 1,000 poems from a collection that now includes 54 individual pieces, all written by St. Paul residents. Sidewalk Poetry aspires to pave all of St. Paul’s sidewalks with poetry and to claim poetry as an essential city service.

This art project was originated by Public Art Saint Paul City Artist Marcus Young in 2008, and started under the name “Everyday Poems for City Sidewalks.”

The City of Saint Paul is a partner and supporter of Sidewalk Poetry.

For more information, see:

Public Art Saint Paul

Public Art Saint Paul (PASP) is a private, non-profit organization working in partnership with the City of Saint Paul to imagine and create a more just, sustainable, and beautiful city. By placing artists in leading roles, we help shape public spaces, improve city systems, and deepen civic engagement.

Our artists research and help plan public projects and developments, such as Western Sculpture Park, Kellogg Mall and Mears Parks. We commission, produce, and tend to public art—from Minnesota Rocks to 1,000 poems stamped in sidewalks to Urban Flower Field. We transform civic life through such innovative projects as the University Avenue Project, Pop Up Meeting, and CREATE: The Community Meal.

From small-scale gestures to large-scale events, Public Art Saint Paul creates more beautiful communities and fosters more inclusive civic life. Over more than 30 years, our work has become essential elements of the fabric of daily life in Saint Paul.


Public Art Saint Paul makes St. Paul a better city by placing artists in leading roles to shape public spaces, improve city systems, and deepen civic engagement.

Through daring leadership, we will champion innovative public art practice, imagining and creating with artists, civic leaders, and our neighbors a 21st century city that is just, sustainable, and beautiful.

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Stewardship: We take seriously our responsibility for the art we produce, restore, and maintain; our organization’s financial health; and the stewardship of donor and partner relationships

Public Art Saint Paul is an equal opportunity employer.

Qualifications or requirements

Job Requirements

-Valid driver’s license and good driving record.

-Desire and ability to work outside in varied weather in summer and fall months.

-Flexibility to work a varied schedule based on weather and contractor schedule (M-F).

-Ability to drive City-owned truck during job duties.

-Patience to wait with cement crews until cement is correct consistency for stamping.

-Ability to lift and place poetry stamps which weigh up to 15 pounds

How to apply

Applications due July 15th at 4:30pm

Please submit a cover letter, resume and contact information for 2 references to be considered for this position to