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King of Aurora LLC

Anime Artist/Manga Artist

Location: MN — Twin Cities Metro
Type: Call for Submissions

Deadline: 01/25/2025

Other Criteria:
No entry fee required
Open to artists nationally
Open to artists statewide
Sales opportunity



My name is Daze, and I’m a start-up Black Manga writer. I’m currently in the process of finishing my first project which is a video manga series. I’m nearly done with the art but am struggling to find artists, that match the feeling I’m going for with the art that is already done.

In short, this story is called King of Aurora, and it’s about a new race of humanoids that choose to protect their home planet Aurora from all kinds of beings. From fantasy demons and angles, to futurizes mechs and advanced alien civilizations. The closest comparison I can provide would be a mix of Avatar meets Final Fantasy with a dash of the Fates Stay series.

But all that exciting content comes later, I am working on the foundation right now, so if you believe we desire a modern storyline with fresh concepts vs the same isakai stories or bland recycled character types, let’s build the new standard and sore beyond even that.

(Feel free DM me on IG @king_of_aurora)