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Minnesota Citizens for the Arts

Board of Directors

Location: MN — Twin Cities Metro
Type: Board Member
Any discipline

Deadline: 09/25/2023

Other Criteria:
Open to artists statewide


We know that you are a stalwart supporter of the arts in the state and a true arts advocate. But, there is one extra step you can make today to ensure the arts are fully supported at the state and national level and become an Arts All-Star. Apply for MCA’s board today and help protect, maintain and increase arts funding and activities throughout the state.

The board contains representatives from every corner of the arts community from the largest organizations to the smallest from many different disciplines, and from individual artists to specialists in arts education. This means that when we are working together, we bring a complete and diverse set of perspectives in addition to the resources that each sector can offer. As a membership body, our strength is in our promise to be inclusive. Therefore, MCA embraces candidates from diverse populations and/or underrepresented groups to continue to achieve our mission.

One of the reasons that MCA is so successful at the legislature is that our board comes from every corner of the state. Please join us by applying today!