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Bored Peach Club

Disposable Traditions Open Call for Exhibition

Location: Iowa
Type: Call for Submissions
Any discipline

Deadline: 03/17/2024

Other Criteria:
No entry fee required


The Bored Peach Club is proud to present the “Disposable Tradition” exhibition. The Disposable Traditions exhibition delves into the transient nature of cultural narratives and traditions, exploring the disposability of heritage in the face of a rapidly changing world. We believe that art has the power to provoke thoughtful reflection and spark meaningful conversations about the world around us.

Artists are invited to submit artworks that converge on the intersection of “Disposable Traditions” and the “Junk Culture” concept. Through their creations, we aim to explore the fragility of cultural practices and the consequences of overlooking our shared heritage.

We greatly admire the work you do in championing the arts, and we believe your support could significantly enhance the reach of this meaningful initiative.

Some key details about the exhibition:

The exhibition is open to artists worldwide.

Selected artists will be included in a collective exhibition and an exhibition catalogue that will be promoted alongside the show in 2024.

Select artists also stand the chance of being represented by the Bored Peach Club through the very initiatives we run.

You can find detailed information about the contest on: