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We will be closed July 4-8 Details
The Cherry Pit & Strangers Meeting Strangers

Town Hall For Musicians, Artists, Creatives

Location: MN — Twin Cities Metro
Type: Training / Education

Deadline: 06/27/2024

Other Criteria:
Open to artists statewide


The Cherry Pit is hosting a community event alongside “Strangers Meeting Strangers” entitled:
Town Hall #2- For Musicians, Artists and Creatives
Live music from Marvelous & The Cherry Pit Band

The purpose of this gathering is to prompt empathetic, honest communication among twin cities artists. We are facilitating a plethora of social experiments, including:
* Call and response exercises with strangers
* Group singing with strangers
* In depth discussions about art, love, life and career with strangers
* Deep listening to impromptu monologues by strangers
* A conversation of 200+ strangers in a circular theater, face to face.
* Musical improvisation alongside strangers

This Town hall will feature interactive live performances by Marvelous alongside other Cherry Pit musicians such as XINA, Henry Breen (WHY NOT), Jovon Williams (LA Buckner & Big Homie), and Tarek Abdelqader (Purple Funk Metropolis).

The discussion topics will run the gamut of creative lifestyle, ranging from artistic fulfillment, to spiritual intuition, to fair compensation to local institutions and infrastructure for the arts. We wish this to be a city wide conversation starter for all of those that live life by and for their creations.

We hope you join us for this revolutionary night of heartfelt conversation and musical joy!

Tickets here: