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Ua Si Creative (Ka Oskar Ly, Christina Vang, and Teeko Yang)
Collaborators include Aleksandra Gurneau, Bob Yang, Chue Zeng Yang, Louis Alemayehu, Narate Keys, Sharon M. Day
Refraction, 2021
Paint, acrylic, signage
Refraction invites the public to deepen their understanding and connection between water, the watershed system/local landscape, and its environmental justice significance through cultural reflections. Refraction was commissioned with the support of the Capitol Region Watershed District.

Sarah Agaton Howes (Anishinaabe), Holly Young (Dakota), Nedahness Greene (Leech Lake Nation)
Native Presence, 2021
Window film
Collaborative ledger and floral mural representing the relationships and strength of the Dakota and Anishinaabe communities in Minnesota, and portraits from the Native Nations Minnesota’s geography. This piece was commissioned with the support of David and Rosemary Good.

Discover Dope (Myc Batson and Megan Tate)
Creative People Power, 2021
Paint on steel
The Frogtown and Rondo communities played a large role in fostering our artistic journeys, so it’s important to us that we capture the community’s essence, vibrancy, and rich cultural history through our piece.

Blayze Buseth
Tom’s Adventure, 2021
Polished concrete
Tom’s Adventure is a symbolic interpretation of the rain cycle. The water flowing, at first contained in the cloud, is passed downward. The water pours into the receptive vessel and spills over. This natural flow of water can be a metaphor for the effective flow of resources into the community.

Third Daughter, Restless Daughter (Wone & Youa Vang)
DJ Booth, 2021
Macrame cord on steel
This piece was commissioned with the support of the friends and family of Ginger Wilhelmi.

Kao Lee Thao, Ash Kubesh
The Gathering Tree
Sign repurpose – installation TBD
The Gathering Tree will be a cultural beacon for the Frogtown/Rondo neighborhoods. It will be a kaleidoscope of patterns etched with the community's voices who call this neighborhood home. The public art will be an interactive experience featuring augmented reality creatures animated throughout the structure.

Naomi Schliesman, Carl Zachmann
Butterfly and Prairie Grass Bike Racks, 2019
Naomi and Carl are both artists based in Fergus Falls, MN. These bike racks were originally designed for downtown Fergus Falls and represent a connection between Springboard’s two home communities.

Heather Cole
Super Burst Light, 2021
Medusa Light, 2014
Reclaimed distilled water jug plastic

Mercury Mosaics, Mercedes Austin
Lobby tile mural, 2021
Handmade tile

Urban Boatbuilders
Boat Light, 2021
Wood, canvas

Vickie Benson Artists Resource Lab
Sign created by Frogtown artist Seitu Jones
Vickie Benson is a Minnesota-based leader in artist support and arts philanthropy. Her work on behalf of individual artists at the McKnight Foundation, Jerome Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts and Grantmakers in the Arts inspires and guides us. Naming our Artists Resource Lab in honor of Vickie is a daily reminder of our aspiration to serve our creative community with mindfulness, empathy and tenacity.

Meeting room window film based on painting by Ta-coumba Aiken

Garage door mural by Focus Smith
Derek “Focus” Smith is a Lakota graffiti artist based in Rapid City, SD and Co-Founder of About This Life, Inc. His murals encourage communities to connect with their culture, deepen their understanding for others, and find hope + joy through his colorful and rich illustrations.

Bathroom tile: Clay Squared
Furniture: Blu Dot
Staff workstations: Peter Haakon Thompson

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