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Legal Fact Sheets

The fact sheets below provide information on a number of legal issues that may affect artists.


5 Things You Should Know About the Law

Business organization, taxes, etc.: five important things your small arts business should know about the law.

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Works Made for Hire

Explanation of how an employer becomes the owner of copyright.

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Copyright Registration

A step-by-step guide to registering your copyright online.

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Event Photography

Common clauses found inside “rights grab” agreements.

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Copyright Compilation

What is compilation and how does it work?

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Visual Art and Copyright

Explanation of the relationship between copyrights, and the sale of physical artwork.

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Filing a Small Claims Lawsuit in MN

 A guide to filing a small claims case in Minnesota state court.

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Artist Scams

Wisdom on ways to avoid business scams targeted at artists

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Landlord Tenant

Some basic information for you renters out there.

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Music Copyrights

Information on how music copyrights are unique.

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Termination Rights

Sell a copyright years gone by? Looking to get it back, you just might be able to.

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Strikes vs Lockouts

Explanation of the differences between these two forms of labor disputes.

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Tax Deductions for Charitable Donation of Art

Explanation of the tax laws surrounding the donation of art.

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Fair Labor Standards Act

A basic guide to law that regulates our federal wage.

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Copyright of Fashion

Explanation of why clothing designs are currently not protected by copyright law.

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First Sale Doctrine

Explanation of the doctrine that permits the re-sale of things like used books, and artwork.

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Immigration Resource Sheet

Information on immigration, work visas and other related matters for artists and arts organizations.

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Legal Considerations for Filmmakers

And more important information for filmmakers in Minnesota, including legal resources.

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