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Principles for Ethical Cancellation

Many businesses, organizations and people are finding themselves in the position of canceling public events and gatherings due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. This is disappointing and scary for a lot of organizations and businesses who rely on in-person events to fulfill their mission and to generate income. It also has the potential to be extremely […]

Guiding Principles for our University Avenue Move

Springboard for the Arts’ St. Paul location is moving at the end of February, leaving our longtime home at the Northern Warehouse Building in Lowertown for a newly renovated space on University Avenue. We are moving from what was once a warehouse to what was once a used car dealership. The Northern Warehouse has been […]

Let’s Get To Work

Springboard for the Arts is an artist-led organization, and as artists, we know that we need to do the work in order to see the results we want. When things are tough we always go back to our guiding principles and our tools and try to see what we can build. More than ever we […]

Creating a Sharing Economy that Actually Shares

By Laura ZabelPublished on Stanford Social Innovation Review, 2/8/2016Springboard for the Arts, the nonprofit where I work, just gave away its oldest program and most reliable earned income stream. We took the curriculum from our artist-entrepreneur training course, packaged it into a free toolkit, and we’re giving it to anyone who wants to start and […]


By Laura ZabelPublished on, 2/2/2016In the years since Investing in Creativity, the Urban Institute’s 2003 report on the support structure for U.S. artists, a lot of things of have changed, many of them for the better. More than ever before, through nonprofits (including the one where I work, Springboard for the Arts) and education […]

Place-Based Philanthropy Is People-Powered

By Laura Zabel Published on National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, 1/27/2016 Every city has just six artists. Or six community leaders. Or six innovators. I’m kidding … maybe your city has seven. I make this joke because in just about every community I visit, there are about six people that show up on everyone’s list […]

Six creative ways artists can improve communities

By Laura Zabel Published on The Guardian, 2/15/2015 From income inequality and unemployment to poverty, education and healthcare, communities around the world are facing critical challenges that require creative ideas and solutions. Any of these challenges could use an artist’s mind, a creative question or a critical thinker to help us find our way to […]