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Sustainability Studio: Creative Mending

Much of the true cost of clothing made abroad is hidden, including environmental destruction and the dangerous conditions garment workers are subjected to. Mending is a powerful act of restoration—both for our clothes and for our relationship to the world. In this workshop local fibers artist, Kristi Kuder, will give examples of how to creatively mend, reimagine, and refurbish clothing or other fabric items.

Sustainability Studio: Fermentista’s Guide to Probiotic Power

Local “fermentista” Katy Olson will demonstrate how to make Kimchee, Sriracha, Basil Ferment and 3 kinds of Sauerkraut. Most food prep will be done ahead, and Katy will demonstrate how she processes the different ingredients. If you are interested in learning more about fermented foods’ fantastic flavor and maintaining a healthy biome in your digestive system, this workshop is for you!

Working Session: Digital Work Samples

A working session for theater artists about creating successful digital work samples, presented by The Playwrights’ Center in partnership with Springboard for the Arts.