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Artist Studios

F.O.K studios offer creative individuals a dedicated space to nurture their artistic talents. These studios vary in size and layout, providing artists with the freedom to work on their projects in a comfortable and inspiring environment. Equipped with essential tools and materials, these spaces can range from small, cozy rooms to spacious, well-lit lofts, accommodating […]

space share

Studio share Casket Arts Building, Suite 123 681 17th Ave NE, Minneapolis MN 1st floor, 1400 sf open floor plan, high ceilings, very clean, AC $450 – $750/ month open to hourly and day rental see photos here:

Studio(s) for Rent

Discover a unique opportunity for artistic growth and collaboration with our rentable artist studio spaces.The studios are designed to foster creativity and camaraderie, with an open floor plan much like a college studio arts class. Each artist will have their own individual studio, allowing for focused, personal work. In our welcoming environment, artists of all […]