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SJF Strategies

SJF Strategies brings more than 30 years of nonprofit experience in mission-based leadership for nonprofit organizations including educational, arts, and politics, as well as community-based foundations. Specializing in executive leadership, strategic planning, fundraising and communications, we look forward to helping you achieve your goals in ways that enable you to fulfill your mission.

Artichoke Consulting LLC

With 20 years of experience working with artists and arts organizations, Bethany Whitehead can help you achieve your artistic goals through grant writing, marketing, exhibition proposals, website development, strategy, social media creation and posting, or any other business planning needs. She understands artists and can relieve the stress of the business aspects of being an artist and can help you achieve success.

Cultivate Consulting LLC

Corrie Zoll has been part of the Twin Cities arts community for 25 years with experience in roles including Executive Director, fundraiser, program director, stage director, playwright, and actor.

The things we give our attention to are the things that will grow. Cultivation is choosing what we wish to see grow, and shifting our attention. In a time when we can no longer rely on past ways of getting things done, I work with groups to identify what is most most important, and what attention will encourage new ideas to thrive.

Together we can cultivate:

*Grant Proposals and Fundraising Plans
*Program/Project Design
*Strategic Planning
*Cultural self study within mostly white communities
*Leadership Development
*Wild Ideas

Aurora Consulting

We’re two people who love making a difference in the lives of our clients, and yours. We believe in the power of thoughtful evaluation, strategic planning, and leadership development. And we are ready to help you do that work.

Guiding and strengthening nonprofit clients like you has always been at the core of Aurora’s existence. We are committed to working collaboratively with you to boost the power and performance of your organization. We know that, when our nonprofits do well, our communities are stronger. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work side-by-side with all of you, and we are excited about what we can do together in the days ahead.

Next in Nonprofits

Next in Nonprofits provides resource development services to organizations and individuals seeking to raise money and other support from their community. We do grant writing, and have over seven years experience as a company (much more with each member of our team!) in writing applications with groups such as the Minnesota State Arts Board, the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, local and regional grantmakers and more. We also specialize in social fundraising, using networks of people to meet new donors with tools such as crowdfunding, peer-to-peer fundraising, Give to the Max Day and more.

Monicat Data

Since 2016, Monicat Data has provided data insight and technology support to nonprofits, arts organizations, publication groups, product and design groups, stage & performance and marketing teams. Our solutions guide teams to be more efficient with their time, allowing them to spend less time planning, and more time creating. “We Make Teams Smarter.”

Corvus North

Corvus North is a full-service fundraising consulting service helping nonprofits raise money and awareness. Our clients are organizations in periods of growth or transition seeking to build and implement fundraising plans. Our specialties include: Individual Giving, Capital Campaigns, Fundraising Training, and Grants and Reporting. We are committed to making our world a better place to live.

Corvus North was founded in 2015 by Jennifer Halcrow after 29 years of leading arts, education, health care and hunger relief fundraising programs.

We work with large and small organizations and scope our projects to deliver the best value for you.

Meyer Consulting

Offering planning, transition support and project management to non-profits and partnerships.

Since 1993, Meyer Consulting has worked with over 200 nonprofits, partnerships, government entities, and community groups as they navigate transition. Our work is infused with insights and knowledge gleaned from over two decades of working with organizations as they grapple with internal and external change.

Through a facilitative leadership style, Meyer Consulting builds consensus and keeps organizations, collaborations, and projects moving – leaving them stronger and more focused on the other side.

We bring optimism, energy, and fresh ideas to our work and bring out the same in others.

Inspire to Change

Inspire to Change develops principles-driven approaches to learning, evaluation, and adaptation that are useful and meaningful in justice and equity work.

Inspire to Change helps people remove bias from their work and expand their ideas of validity, fidelity, accountability, and findings by including the arts, indigenous, and culturally specific ways of knowing and being into systemic change work. Andy and Nora also explore creative placekeeping (how communities imagine themselves) as a counterbalance to creative placemaking (arts-led gentrification), and the roles of love and spirituality in social change.

When the path forward is uncertain, our values and beliefs help us decide how to move forward with integrity and strength. At Inspire to Change we let our principles — values translated into actionable statements — guide us at the level of individuals and systems. We engage these principles — Be & Become, Remember & Create, Learn & Unlearn, Disrupt & Liberate — with our hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits.

Rachel Brown

Dr. Rachel A. Brown is a program evaluation consultant, facilitator, educator, and strategic planner who facilitates learning, change, and growth in mission-driven organizations. To make learning with data useful, impactful, and fun, she melds expertise developed as a social science researcher, English teacher, camp director, curriculum writer, assessment editor, staff development specialist, and theater arts enthusiast. Since pivoting from K-12 education into the arts, she has worked with a variety of Minnesota arts organizations.

Strategic Consulting and Coaching

We are a team of experienced professionals with a passion for bringing leadership, expertise and support to mission-driven organizations in the nonprofit, education and government sectors. We build on the strengths your organization already has to create customized solutions that are appropriate, feasible and effective.

Laura Holway

Laura Holway supports entrepreneurial artists through writing (website content + grants), coaching, and strategic planning. Her approach focuses on helping you communicate your expertise, partner with like-minded organizations, and work with consistent focus. Laura also facilitates retreats and meetings for creative organizations looking to streamline their processes, solidify long-term goals, and work cohesively as a group.

Bailey Leadership Initiative, LLC

The Bailey Leadership Initiative is a boutique consulting and coaching organization that works with you to help you do your work better. This may mean working with you on strategic or business planning or it may mean helping you streamline your organizational and business systems. We are committed to supporting individuals and organizations in achieving their visions.

Arts Progress, LLC

Your mission: make the world better. Our mission: make your world better. Arts Progress, led by Robin Gillette and Jeff Larson, bring years of experience in organizational development, fundraising, marketing, executive search, creating healthy staff culture, e-commerce and data management.

Nonprofit 360 Consulting, LLC

Nonprofit-360 provides mission-focused, organizational development consulting services to that provide quality programs and services in their communities and desire to strengthen their capacity through strong leadership and fiscal integrity.

Saoirse Consulting, LLC

Saoirse Consulting partners with various organizations to create and implement strategies for growth, whether it be generating a marketing plan, creating a fundraising event, garnering media exposure or audience and business development tactics.

What Art School Didn’t Teach You

What Art School Didn’t Teach You assists hobbyists, art students, emerging artists, and mid-career on tackling your creative and business goals. Consultation are perfect for:

+ Emerging artists looking to establish their career and find their voice and style
+ Creatives coming back to their art after years of creative hiatus
+ Mid-career artist who needs help with some business skill building

Consultations are designed with your needs and your creative style in mind. We are here to assist, coach, talk, and mentor you along the way towards your own success.

Margaret Hasse

Margaret is a multi-faceted consultant with a 25-year track record in strategic planning, fundraising and grant writing, facilitating effective meetings, and evaluating. She will work to enhance your organization’s development and accomplish your projects in the Twin Cities and around the country. Her work has been mainly in arts and arts education, social services, government, philanthropies and educational organizations.

AtW Consulting

In addition to his day job with the Minnesota Council on Foundations, Alfonso Wenker enjoys training, facilitating, speaking and advising on strategy with a number of nonprofit and philanthropic clients.

Weathervane Consulting

Grounded in the belief that collaborative design and co-creation result in stronger deliverables for clients, Weathervane Consulting specializes in designing and facilitating retreats, project management, organizational development, employee engagement, and both professional and personal life coaching to establish a plan of action that works for you and your community.