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What is Ready Go?

Ready Go is a new project at Springboard, read below for more information or just head straight over to the new Ready Go website! Once there you can browse Ready Go projects and add your email for periodic updates.

The Twin Cities has many community-invested organizations, such as neighborhood organizations, non-profits and local businesses, that are seeking new and creative ways to interact with their communities, employees and customers.

Simultaneously, artists are working more and more on creating tools* that bring people together in conversation and participation. These tools generally:

  • Are mobile
  • Are participatory
  • Attract people
  • Are purpose built to pique curiosity and prompt interaction

Ready Go will connect artists to orgs, businesses and others who can use creative and artistic ways to engage their people. Ready Go will be a mechanism (think Reddy Rents or Etsy) that allows artists with proven, existing projects that can facilitate and prompt participation and interaction to offer these “off the shelf” projects for hire.

This will happen in several ways, through an online resource/directory and Demonstration Fairs that allow projects to be sampled and experienced. We believe making these projects more widely accessible to diverse groups will greatly increase these groups’ willingness and ability to engage and pay artists in the long-term.

*What do we mean by tools?
In a literal sense of the word tool, we mean an object that is used to carry out a particular function. In this instance the function is to serve as a focal point that attracts people and then prompts conversation, participation and interaction. It is more than a tote filled with supplies or materials, we mean a specific physical object that one could point to and recognize as being essential to the purpose.


Questions/feedback/ideas? Please contact Peter or navigate here to sign up for email updates:
Peter Haakon Thompson


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