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Springboard for the Arts Calendar of Events

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Graphic: UPCOMING OFFERINGS! 5.10.2021

Professional Development

5/10 - Work of Art+: Media Preservation Basics for Artists and Performers

5/15 - Work of Art+: e-Commerce Panel

5/18 - Work of Art+: Virtual Legal Clinic for Creatives

5/20 - Ask Me Anything: Springboard ACCs

5/24 - Creative Workforce Roundtable

6/1 - Work of Art: Career Planning

6/2 - Work of Art+: Website Skills for Artists

6/8 - Work of Art: Time Management

6/15 - Work of Art: Portfolio Kit

6/22 - Work of Art: Marketing

7/13 - Work of Art: Promotions

7/20 - Work of Art: Pricing

7/27 - Work of Art: Recordkeeping

8/3 - Work of Art: Legal Considerations

8/10 - Work of Art: Funding

8/17 - Work of Art: Grant Writing

8/24 - Work of Art: Business Plan Essentials

8/31 - Work of Art: Engaging Customers & Selling Your Work

Artist Events

5/10 – Grand Rising with DejaJoelle

5/11 - Welcome the Artist: Lindsey Scherloum!

5/13 – IG Live Fear of the Unknown

5/18 – Sacred Evening with DejaJoelle

5/19 – Live Q + A – Let’s talk Healing with DejaJoelle

5/21 - Rural Regenerator Fellowship Info Session

5/21 - From the Field: Imagining the Future of Rural Regeneration

5/25 - Welcome the Artist: Ranae Hanson!

5/28 – Full Moon Meditation with DejaJoelle

5/31 – Live Affirmations & Readings with DejaJoelle

Important Resources

Get connected to Artist Career Consultants here: https://springboardforthearts.org/professional-growth/career-consultations/artist-career-consultants/

Find resources for Coronavirus/COVID-19 response here: https://springboardforthearts.org/coronavirus

Work of Art Toolkit: https://springboardforthearts.org/woa

Handbook for Artists Working in Community: https://springboardforthearts.org/artists-working-in-community/

Calendar of Events

May 20, 2021 12:00 pm
Ask Me Anything: Springboard ACCs

Join Springboard Artist Career Consultants (ACCs) Naomi RaMona Schliesman and David Unowsky as they host a Q&A session to offer advice, assistance and encouragement in a variety of areas, for artists in all disciplines.

May 21, 2021 1:30 pm
From the Field: Imagining the Future of Rural Regeneration

From the Field: Imagining the future of rural regeneration is a conversation with three rural creative leaders in New London, Minnesota who are navigating the intersections of community stewardship and transformation in the wake of the pandemic, generational shifts in leadership and changes in economic and demographic trends.

May 24, 2021 11:00 am
Creative Workforce Roundtable: Springboard for the Arts

Join moderator Naomi RaMona Schliesman and artists Cándida Gónzalez, Joseph J. Allen, and Vie Boheme for a conversation about the impact of the pandemic on their work and how artists contribute to the broader workforce.