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Springboard for the Arts publishes an annual report documenting our programming, work, and support of artists each fiscal year. Additionally, we publish a Spring Impact Report that shares insight on how artists are helping to reshape narratives and inspire change when it comes to topics like Guaranteed Income, Environmental Stewardship, and more.

Springboard for the Arts 2024 Impact Report, The Art of Environmental Stewardship, is a culmination of several years of work, programming, and artist-led projects focused on Environmental Stewards. The contents of this report offer insight into how artists are helping to reshape narratives, repair our connection to and use of natural resources, and reimagine how we might together create a more sustainable future.

Artwork by Taylor Tinkham.

This report includes programs presented in partnership with Brownbody, Upstream Minnesota, the Lakes Area Precious Plastics Lab, and more. We'd like to thank our entire community of artists, staff members, board members, funders, supporters, and neighbors for making this work possible! 

Read the full Impact Report.

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Annual Reports

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