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Want to find creative ways to spark conversations? These toolkits help communities share stories, neighbors meet each other and bring people together. Find even more resources for your work at Creative Exchange.

Springboard Staff

Communications Director
Handbook for Artists Working in Community

Created by Springboard for the Arts, with collaborators and partners from around the country, this toolkit is a practical manual for individual artists who would like to begin or deepen work in and work with community.

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Neighborhood Postcard Project

Artist Hunter Franks created this toolkit in San Francisco to share the lived stories of a neighborhood, and disrupt a negative media narrative of an area.

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Open-air Social Dance Series

Based on Chicago's successful Summer Dance series,, this toolkit offer planning and budgeting templates for how to organize an outdoor dance party or series.

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The People's Creative Toolkit

Created by Rogue Citizen and Line Break Media in support of an SEIU janitor's strike in Minneapolis, this toolkit shares tips for creating a string communications plan and visual identity for a movement.

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Pop Up Museum

Created by the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, this toolkit invites communities to share stories and objects that surface meaning and new connections.

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Block Party in a Box

From urbanist Kevin van Lierop, this toolkit offers planning templates, invitation and programming ideas for a neighborhood block party.

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World Dance Party

Initially launched in Seattle, World Dance Party builds cross-cultural community by holding space for groups to share food and dance customs, strengthening social bonds.

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500 Plates

Created by artist Hunter Franks for a project in Akron, OH, this toolkit shares steps and tips for creative partnerships to host a large-scale community meal.

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