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We will be closed July 4-8 Details

We’re open! And you’re invited! The newly renovated Springboard for the Arts in Saint Paul is open, with a large Community Hall and front yard ready for community to share, create connections, and spread joy. We also encourage uses of our spaces as a platform for supporting the visibility and economic opportunity of artists and the neighboring communities. We are excited to host – and see you host – events, workshops, and gatherings at our friendly and colorful new home on University Avenue. 

If you want to rent the Springboard site for your event, you are welcome to do that! We offer our Community Hall, front yard, and rooftop for rental for private and public events, meetings, and gatherings. See fees and more details below, and use the linked form below to submit a site use request. We'll be back to you within 3 business days about your request. We prioritize bookings a month out, if your request is sooner than that, we prioritize events that happen from Monday-Friday, 10AM to 5PM, in order to ensure staffing.

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Cover photo: Herb Johnson III at Saturdays at Springboard: How We Imagine, curated by TruArtSpeaks. Photo credit: Destiny Roberts.

Site layout

Layout for our front yard, Community Hall, and building.

See the site plan

See the site in action!

Springboard for the Arts in Saint Paul, Credit Morgan Scheff

Springboard for the Arts in Saint Paul. Photo credit: Morgan Scheff.

People seated in folding chairs facing a tented stage with a person speaking into a microphone

The front yard set up for performance during Springboard's opening celebrations. Photo credit: Destiny Roberts.

A crowd of people gathered on a rootop patio with a green re

Gathering on the rooftop during Springboard's opening celebrations. Photo credit: Destiny Roberts.

A stage and projection

Artist Kao Lee Thao presenting in the Community Hall. Photo credit: TJ Lor/JUAL Visuals

Chairs set up in an open room with people seated

The International Indigenous Youth Council in the Community Hall for Saturdays at Springboard: How We Steward. Photo credit: Thaiphy Phan-Quang.

Mexica-Nahua dancers in a parking lot

Kalpulli Yaocenoxtli performing for Saturdays at Springboard: How we Steward. Photo credit: Destiny Roberts.

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