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Springboard has a team of Artist Career Consultants (ACCs), each of whom is a working artist, well-established in their field, with considerable experience in mentoring and teaching individual artists. ACC bios and areas of specialty are listed below. You can request a specific ACC, or we can match you with one, when you sign up for Consultations.

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Consultations can cover career planning, project support, artist resources, or specific questions around marketing, promotions, grants, tech, writing, web support and more. All consultations are available on a sliding scale for accessilibity.

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Career Consultation FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Artist Career Consultations.

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Artists/Creative Businesses in Hennepin County

We’re excited to announce that we are partnering with Hennepin County by participating in Elevate Business HC, a new initiative that connects small and mid-size business owners to no-cost advising and consulting services, practical business resources in Hennepin County. If your arts practice is based in Hennepin County Elevate HC will cover the cost of your consultation!

To access a free consultation, first register with Elevate Business HC.

Artist Career Consultant Roster

Michele Anderson (she/her) Sign up for a Consultation
Rural Director, Fergus Falls
"I can help artists in rural places with community organizing and engagement, placemaking and/or placekeeping, community partnerships, budgeting, grant writing, media relations, artist residencies, and rural advocacy."
Music (classical piano, teaching) and Administration (community development)
Bio: Michele is a writer, pianist and the Rural Program Director for Springboard for the Arts. Michele has launched nationally recognized rural programs at the intersection of the arts, historic preservation, health, and economic development. Her writing and ideas on dismantling stereotypes of rural life have been featured in mnartists.walkerart.org, the New York Times, and more.

Alison Bergblom Johnson (she/her) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, Minneapolis
“I can help artists dream big and then attend to the details (event planning, proposal and application writing, marketing and promotion, creating partnerships) that make such dreams feasible. As an artist with disabilities whose work and arts organizing often centers people with disabilities I’m equipped to help other artists navigate access and accommodation needs in addition to career planning.”
Skills: Literature, storytelling and performance, public relations, teaching artist, collaborating with community care and art organizations (small, grassroots endeavors and very large, established institutions), public speaking, artists with disabilities.
Bio: Alison Bergblom Johnson is an artist whose work often approaches uncomfortable, difficult subjects. Her genres and media include storytelling, creative nonfiction, installation, and collage, and her work explores gender, disability, and sexuality. Some venues she’s worked with include Patrick’s Cabaret, the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, COMPAS, and Strike Theater. Flock, Entropy, and the Walker Reader have published her essays. Visit her website at alisonbergblomjohnson.com and read more about Alison on Creative Exchange.

Headshot of Cecilia CornejoCecilia Cornejo (she/her) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, Northfield
"I can help artists general career planning, goal setting, and grant-writing. I can also help those working on documentary film, community-engaged art, and/or those interested in Latin American Cinema, Third Cinema, and Essay Film."
Documentary film, public art, socially engaged art, Latin American cinema, Third cinema, essay film
Bio: Cecilia Cornejo is a Chilean-born documentary filmmaker, artist, and teacher based in Northfield, Minnesota. Known for placing community members at the center of the creative process, she uses a range of approaches and production methodologies to engage them as active participants and co-creators of meaning. Locally rooted yet globally minded, her work examines notions of belonging and the immigrant experience while exploring the traces of historical trauma on people and places. Cecilia is an inaugural recipient of the 2020 McKnight Fellowship for Community-Engaged Artists and has received support from the Minnesota State Arts Board, the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture (NALAC), the Jerome Foundation, and the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council. She teaches in the Cinema and Media Studies department at Carleton College. Visit her website at http://thewanderinghouse.com/ and read more about Cecilia on Creative Exchange.

Amanda Cortes HeadshotAmanda Cortés (she/her) Sign up for a Consultation
Community Development Program Manager, Minneapolis
Skills: Writing, Editing, Strategic Planning, Conflict Mediation, navigating bureaucracy
Bio: Amanda works at the intersection of racial justice, grassroots community development, art and culture. She is the proud daughter of Mexican immigrants and draws inspiration from her upbringing in working class, Latinx communities. Her practice includes speech communication, civic engagement, mediation, artist career coaching, and audio storytelling. Amanda’s independent work explores alternative models for community owned real property with the Pilsen Housing Cooperative , a newly formed limited equity co-op for artists and working families on Chicago’s Lower West Side. Amanda serves on the board of the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, continues her work coaching artists and creatives as an Artist Career Consultant at Springboard and is a member of the Chicago ACT Collective. Read more about Amanda on Creative Exchange.

Headshot of Dominic FacioDominic Facio (he/him) Sign up for a Consultation
Rural Program Coordinator, Fergus Falls
Skills: Performance (makeup artistry & effects, event producer, DJ) and administration
Bio: Dominic is a creative known for his production of many niche and place-based community events, including The Fergus Falls Zombie Crawl, Danse Macabre, and Ms Lexi D’s Catwalk Party. After a year studying digital photography at Brown College, he was recruited as the Department Head of FX for the movie "Geist," a haunting film shot on the grounds of the Kirkbride Building in Fergus Falls, MN in 2011. In 2015, Dominic was awarded first place in the makeup competition at Crypticon, and has since then been the recipient of three separate Legacy Grants from the Lake Region Arts Council. Visit his website at https://www.deviantart.com/domfreq/ and read more about Dominic on Creative Exchange.

Anika Fajardo (she/her) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, Minneapolis
"I can help artists ensure that their online presence communicates who they are and what they offer."
Skills: Writing, Editing, Websites
Bio: Anika Fajardo is a writer, editor, and teacher whose work is informed by her half-Colombian, half-Minnesotan background. She is the author of two books about that experience and her work has earned awards from the Minnesota State Arts Board and the Jerome Foundation. Anika teaches at Augsburg University’s MFA in Creative Writing and at the Loft Literary Center, where she serves on the board. A former librarian, she uses her information organization skills to provide web services to writers, artists, and other creatives, giving them the tools they need to create functional, beautiful websites to showcase their work and offer their services. https://www.anikafajardo.com/

Headshot of Aaron FiskradatzAaron Fiskradatz (he/him) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, St. Paul
"I can help artists with live streaming and related technology."
Skills: Theatre (acting, directing, writing, puppetry), Arts Education (all ages and abilities), Live streaming and related technology
Bio: Aaron Fiskradatz is a theatre artist, educator, and technician from the Twin Cities. He collaborates with artists in the disability community through Upstream Arts, and is an active theatre teaching artist for youth. As a freelance artist, he works as an actor, writer, director, and puppeteer. In 2020, he began assisting theatres and other organizations in their moves to live streaming platforms. He holds a BA in Theatre Arts from the University of Minnesota. Visit his website at https://fiskradatz.com and read more about Aaron on Creative Exchange.

Felix Foster (he/him) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, Minneapolis
Skills: Writing, Editing, Web & Technology Services, Networking, Nonprofit Administration
Bio: Felix Foster works to couple a wide range of experience in the fields of writing, project management, and planning, with personal interests in the arts, philosophy, technology, and community engagement. He loves working with artists and community builders, while creating works of his own including; serving as editor in chief of the saint paul almanac, managing and producing events like the Aardvark in the Park Festival and serving on the board of Twin Cities Pride, creating websites for small businesses, and providing admin support to organizations like McKnight Foundation. In his free time he is reading, writing, creating video game concepts, and co-hosting a film podcast. Visit his website at https://www.lexiconwc.com/, and read more about Felix on Creative Exchange.

Candida Gonzalez (they/them) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, Minneapolis
"I can help artists with visualizing next steps in their career paths, mapping out how to become a career artist, grant writing, and social media."
Visual art career development, grant writing and fund sourcing, budgeting, arts admin, accessibility
Bio: A Puerto Rican native of South Minneapolis, Candida Gonzalez is passionate about arts education, community engagement through the arts and equitable arts access. They have worked as an arts program coordinator, curator, arts integration educator, co-founded a national public art business in 2016 and now works as an arts consultant and independent artist. They enjoy helping artists visualize and reach for the next steps in their careers. Read more about Candida on Creative Exchange.

Kaamil A. Haider (he/him) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, Minneapolis 20/20 Artist Fellow, 2019-2020
"I can help artists with art organizing, grants, archiving, graphic design, resume building, heritage studies, exhibitions, art making and installations."
Visual art, graphic design, activism/organizing and community development
Bio: Kaamil A. Haider is a Somali born visual artist and graphic designer based in Minneapolis. In his work and research, he considers the power of memory, heritage and archives in relation to his personal experiences and that of his community. In addition to pursuing his practices, Kaamil is a co-founder of Soomaal House of Art, a Minneapolis-based Somali artists collective supporting a growing number of emerging and established Somali artists living in Minnesota and beyond. www.byhaider.com.

Molly Johnston HeadshotMolly Johnston (she/her) Sign up for a Consultation
Rural Program Manager, Fergus Falls
"I can help artists with dreaming big creatively, narrowing down clear next steps, dance and community based arts programming, and retreat, residency or festival planning."
Dance, choreography, community organizing
Bio: Molly Johnston is a dancer, choreographer, and the Rural Program Manager at Springboard for the Arts in the Fergus Falls office. When Molly isn't at Springboard, she can be found creating site specific dance performances and events in her beloved hometown of Battle Lake, MN with her nonprofit, DanceBARN Collective, and enjoying the beautiful glacial lakes with her husband and two wild sons. Visit her website at www.dancebarncollective.org.

Tish Jones (she/her) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, Saint Paul 20/20 Artist Fellow, 2019-2020
"I can help artists with strategic planning, creative ideation, community organizing/cultural production, culturally relevant pedagogy, arts (spoken word, creative writing, emceeing), arts administration, project management, and public speaking."
Poet, educator and cultural producer
Bio: Founder & Executive Director of TruArtSpeaks - an arts & culture nonprofit in Saint Paul, MN - Tish Jones is a poet, educator, and cultural producer. As a published author, Jones has performed poetry in venues throughout the United States; her work can be found in A Moment of Silence (Tru Ruts and The Playwrights Center, 2020), the Minnesota Humanities Center's anthology entitled, Blues Vision: African American Writing from Minnesota (Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2015) and more.

Aziz Kamara (he/him) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, St. Paul
Skills: Financial Literacy and Services (planning, budgeting, investing)
Bio: Years ago, my siblings and I were left to pick up the pieces following a major tragedy, Soon after, I was introduced to the financial services industry wherein I quickly realized that the industry had failed us and countless others not deemed important enough to help. Over time, I developed the skills and tools required to help others prepare for the worst, while creating strategies for their financial success. My mission is to guide those who need it most, regardless of where they may be. Read more about Aziz on Creative Exchange.

Headshot of Oskar LyKa Oskar Ly (she/her/they/them) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, St. Paul 20/20 Artist Fellow, 2020-2021
"I can help artists with ideating/adapting projects, developing their creative brand, identifying grants, resources, and opportunities, self-management, creative entrepreneurship, and nonprofit development coaching. I specialize in community-engaged art, organizing, and cultural productions."
Skills: Creative Ideation and Strategy, Artistic Branding, Planning and Management.
Bio: Ka Oskar Ly is a queer Hmong French American multi-disciplinary artist, creative strategist, and cultural producer. Their work span from experiential events, public installations, social enterprise (ArtCrop.co), fashion art (Os.Couture), curating, creative branding, and community building. They have received MSAB, Jerome, Forecast, and CURA grants. They support creatives to ideate and identify their options, providing admin and management coaching to help artists find the focus to follow through. Visit their website at oskarlyart.com and read more about Oskar on Creative Exchange.

Jessica Lopez Lyman (she/her) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, St. Paul
"I can help artists negotiate MFA or other academic programs, envision new directions for the work and strategize accountability practices. Plus grant writing, developing CV/resume and artist statement, arts engagement and academic scholarship."
Research, Screenprinting, Grant writing
Bio: Jessica Lopez Lyman, Ph.D. is an interdisciplinary performance artist and Xicana feminist scholar interested in how Indigenous and People of Color create alternative spaces to heal and imagine new worlds. Jessica built, La Luchadora, a mobile screen printing cart as part of the Ready Go! program and prints political posters with communities across the state. She is a an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chicano and Latino Studies at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Read more about Jessica on Creative Exchange.

MaLLy (he/him) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, Minneapolis
"I can help artists with individual career planning, ASCAP registration, music distribution (physical/digital), live event coordination, networking, artist statement/resume development and project management."
Music (songwriting, recording, performance), Entrepreneurship and Arts Education.
Bio: MaLLy is a rap artist, entrepreneur and educator. For over a decade, MaLLy has successfully released four full length albums, toured nationally and internationally with legendary acts like Atmosphere, Brother Ali and is a McKnight Foundation fellowship recipient. He has been voted Twin Cities' best hip-hop artist by the City Pages and recognized by other local and national press outlets, including Star Tribune, 2DopeBoyz, Uproxx, HHDX and Complex Magazine. His content possesses a robust artistic duality exploring themes of love, social justice, relationships, and spirituality. Through his music, MaLLy’s main desire is to empower people of all backgrounds to celebrate life as it is in the present moment. Visit his website at https://www.mallympls.com/

Headshot of Ifrah MansourIfrah Mansour (she/her) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, Minneapolis
"I can help artists with multimedia art projects, visual storytelling performance, installation, poetry, puppetry, community centered collaboration, building sustainable relationships and navigating identities of Muslim/refugee/immigrant."
Skills: Playwriting, acting, experimental film, puppetry, poetry and Somali language.
Bio: Ifrah Mansour is a Somali, refugee, Muslim, multimedia artist and an educator. Her artwork explores trauma through the eyes of children to uncover the resiliencies of blacks, muslims, and refugees. She interweaves poetry, puppetry, films, and installations. She's been featured in BBC, Vice, OkayAfrica, Star Tribune, and City Pages. Her critically-acclaimed, “How to Have Fun in a Civil War” premiered at Guthrie Theatre and toured to cities in greater Minnesota. Visit her Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/ifrahmansourart and read more about Ifrah on Creative Exchange.

Sharon Mansur (she/her) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, Winona
"I can help artists with dance, interdisciplinary art, artistic & community collaborations, improvisation, public art, site-inspired art, somatics, performance/installations, socially engaged art, dance for film, dance education, arts admin for the independent artist."
Skills: Dance, Interdisciplinary art, Public art, Dance Education
Bio: Sharon Mansur is an Arab/SWANA American dance and interdisciplinary experimental artist, educator, curator, community mover and shaker. Her creative practice weaves movement, multi-sensory landscapes, food, and audience participation. Sharon currently directs The Cedar Tree Project, presenting and amplifying creative voices from the Arab/SWANA diaspora, and curates SHIFT~ performance salons. She teaches dance at St. Mary’s University, and is also a therapeutic bodyworker. www.mansurdance.com

Headshot of Zaraawar MistryZaraawar Mistry (he/him) Sign up for a Consultation
Program Specialist, St. Paul
"I can help theater and other performing arts artists with career and project development, teaching and workshop development, networking, grants, touring and funding."
Skills: Theater (acting, directing, producing).
Bio: Zaraawar Mistry is a co-owner of Dreamland Arts, a 40-seat theater attached to his home in St. Paul. He has performed in and directed many works for several Twin Cities theater companies, and mentored dozens of artists in the creation and production of original works for the stage. He has an M.F.A. in Theatre from UC, San Diego and a B.A. from Bennington College in Vermont. Learn more at http://dreamlandarts.com/zaraawar-mistry/ and read about Zaraawar on Creative Exchange.

Yan Pang (she/they) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, St. Paul
"I can help artists with grant applications (from non-profit organizations and academic institutions). As an assistant professor of music, I can also help artists with any projects that involve music creation."
Skills: Music (composition, performance, scholarship), Theater and Dance (interdisciplinary collaborations), and Mandarin language
Bio: Yan Pang is a composer, performer, and scholar. She received her Ph.D. in Music with a minor in Theater Arts & Dance at the University of Minnesota. Her work focuses on inter-cultural composition and performance. A selection of her varied publications includes the album Glory Times (as songwriter and music director) by the China Scientific & Cultural Audio-Video Publishing Company, the scores “Nowhere Home” and “The Others” by Contemporary Music Score Collection 2020, UCLA, the peer-reviewed paper “Scene of Sichuan Opera” (co-author with Mingzhu Song), and the textbooks Cool Math for Hot Music, All About Music, Basic Music Technology, and The Future of Music (co-authored Guerino Mazzola et al.) by Springer. Visit her website at yanpangcreate.com.

Felicia Perry (she/her) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, Minneapolis 20/20 Artist Fellow, 2019-2020
"I can help artists with career planning, goal setting and strategy mapping, identifying resources, grant writing, creative entrepreneurship."
Radio/Podcasting (hosting, producing), Dance, Visual Art (performance, teaching), Arts Administration, Project Management, Grant Writing, Public Speaking
Bio: Felicia is an ARTreprenuer based in Minneapolis specializing in fashion design, performance art, and curating spaces. Felicia is a 2019/20 Springboard for the Arts 20/20 Artist Fellow and is a Northside Awesome Fund Trustee. She currently serves the Northiside business community as the Executive Director of the West Broadway Business and Area Coalition.

Raymond Rea (he/him) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, Fargo/Moorhead
"I can help filmmakers develop budgets and offer my experiences and resources re. the Film Festival circuits (I'm specifically experienced with the LGBTQ+ film festival circuit but my work has played in other festivals as well). I can also offer some help with writing grant statements."
Film/Video, Film Festivals, Project Management, Grant Writing
Bio: Raymond Rea is a Transmale filmmaker and writer . His film and video work has screened extensively nationally and internationally, mostly on the LGBTQ Film Festival circuit and in Microcinemas. Ray's writing has been produced at EXIT Stage Left, EXIT Mainstage, BUILD, Theatre Rhino (all in San Francisco) and Theatre B in Fargo-Moorhead. Ray is deeply committed to sharing resources and information and elevating unheard voices in the arts. http://densityoverduration.com/

Headshot of Jes ReyesJes Reyes (she/her) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, St. Paul
"I can help artists with goals related to career planning, time management, grantwriting, portfolio development, program/project development/management, exhibition planning, and community organizing. I am also great at supportive counseling so if you are looking for someone to listen and hear you, I can be that person. I also specialize in supporting artists with disabilities."
Skills: Film (production, presentation), Visual Art (painting, mixed media), Administration (programming).
Bio: Jes Reyes is a multidisciplinary artist and arts administrator practicing in mixed media art, video, and more. Her artwork is rooted in play, vulnerability, experimentation, collaboration, and the blending of disciplines. She is passionate about bringing people together, equitable arts access, and offering support to other creatives. She has exhibited and screened her artwork throughout the Twin Cities and is the founder of the Altered Esthetics Film Festival and Moonplay Cinema. Visit her website at www.jesreyes.com and read more about Jes on Creative Exchange.

Naomi RaMona Schliesman (she/her) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, Fergus Falls
"I can help artists with visual arts (career development, studio arts and teaching), public art, creative placemaking, grant writing, arts advocacy, arts administration, rural arts and residencies."
Skills: Visual Arts (career development, studio arts and teaching), Arts Administration, Public Art
Bio: Naomi is a multidisciplinary artist with an MFA in Studio Arts. Schliesman has received multiple Fellowships, grants and has attended residency programs nationally and internationally. She has traveled abroad to study art and art movements. Her practice consists of studio art, collaborations with artists, organizations and communities in creative placemaking nationwide as a freelance artist, and is an active Arts Advocate in her rural community. She serves on multiple boards and committees. https://www.instagram.com/naomi.schliesman/

Headshot of Patrick ScullyPatrick Scully (he/him) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, Minneapolis
"I can help artists with career planning and grant writing, as well as with questions related to space acquisition, nonprofit startup and graduate school. I can also help mature artists confront the challenges of ageism."
Skills: Interdisciplinary art, improvisation, public site-inspired art, and performance/installations
Bio: Patrick is a long time Mpls artist - choreographer/dancer/performance art/theater, entrepreneur, gay and HIV+ activist. His works range from intimate/autobiographical, to boat ballets on rivers in MN and Germany. In 1986 he founded Patrick’s Cabaret, making the local performing arts ecosystem more inclusive and democratic. He's had 8 different spaces in town. A mature artist who has persevered, he’s thought about artists' sustainability. He's been a successful fundraiser & grant writer. patrickscully.org

Dana Sikkila (she/her) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, Mankato
"I can help artists with individual career planning, social media marketing, creative placemaking specific to rural communities, grant and statement writing, and creative curriculums."
Skills: Administration, Grants, Statements and Proposals, Place Based Projects, Rural Arts, Education
Bio: Dana Sikkila is a Minnesota-based interdisciplinary maker and creator. At just 35 years old, Sikkila has been named one of the most well-known creative leaders of Southern Minnesota. Known for her social practice and activism programs, creative consulting, public speaking, and her theory development within creative curriculum, Sikkila's practices span from working in communities from rural to the Twin Cities. Her self-defining administration style has bridged the gap between arts creation and administration. Developing numerous grassroots cultural projects and exhibitions throughout the state. Visit her website at  danasikkila.com and read more about Dana on Creative Exchange.

Krista Soukup (she/her) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, Brainerd
"I can help artists define their brand, identify their goals and channel their marketing and publicity to create action. Let’s talk about how to best present ourselves as an artist to the outside world to garner the attention of a target audience, achieve goals and continue to grow an artist brand."
Skills: Branding, Marketing and Promotions
Krista Rolfzen Soukup is a publicist and owner of Blue Cottage Agency. She has a passion for helping artists successfully promote their work and establish their platform. Through her expert guidance, knowledge of the industry and vast experience, she has successfully supported artists across the country.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Marketing. Visit her website at https://www.bluecottageagency.com/ and read more about Krista on Creative Exchange.

Headshot of Andy SturdevantAndy Sturdevant (he/him) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Resources Director, St. Paul
"I can help artists and performers with writing about themselves and their work for grants, marketing, websites or other purposes — especially those who don’t always feel comfortable writing about their work. I can also assist with portfolio development, resume writing, books and publishing questions (traditional or self-publishing), e-commerce, starting a business and (very, very basic) legal issues."
Skills: Visual Art and Literature (non-fiction).
Bio: Andy Sturdevant is a writer, publisher, artist and very occasional performer. He has written about art, history and culture for a variety of publications, and is the author of three books of nonfiction. He is also the creator of a number of small-run art and design books, distributed in the United States and Europe. His artwork has been exhibited at venues in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Seattle, and he has presented public programs with many organizations locally and regionally. Andy holds a B.F.A. in painting from the University of Louisville and a graphic design certificate from Minneapolis Community and Technical College. Read more about Andy on Creative Exchange.

Headshot of Adia Morris SwangerAdia Morris Swanger (she/her) Sign up for a Consultation
Professional Development and Operations Coordinator, St. Paul
Skills: Theater (acting, directing and teaching) and On Camera (film, commercial, hosting).
Bio: Adia Morris is a freelance artist and educator. She has performed at the Guthrie Theater and Park Square Theatre, and danced with Threads Dance Project. She has taught dance and theatre workshops for Guthrie Theater, Youth Performance Company, and Minneapolis Public Schools. Adia earned her BA in Classics from Duke University. Read more about Adia on Creative Exchange.

Headshot of David UnowskyDavid Unowsky (he/him) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, St. Paul
"I can help artists with getting their book ready, published, sold, and marketed."
Writing and publishing: sales, marketing, event planning
Bio:For 34 years, David Unowsky owned and ran Hungry Mind (later known as Ruminator), one of America’s great bookstores which also fostered a literary magazine and a publishing company. He later helped create successful event series at Magers and Quinn and SubText bookstores. A published writer, he is a recipient both the Kay Sexton award and the Pat Bell Award. Currently doing sales and marketing consulting with 4 publishers. Read more about David on Creative Exchange.

Saymoukda Duangphouxay Vongsay (she/her) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, St. Paul
"I can help artists by reviewing their grant proposals and provide creative project ideation -- such as helping you fine-tune details of your project, taking your imagination into actionable steps, identifying collaborators/partners."
Skills: Artistic/Creative Project Ideation, Grant Proposal Writing, Artistic+Professional Planning
Bio: Saymoukda is an award-winning Lao American poet, playwright, public artist, and grant writer. She's received 40+ grants/fellowships and is an experienced grant review panelist (national/local). She's currently the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Playwright in Residence at Theater Mu, a McKnight Foundation Fellow in Community Engaged Practice Art, a Jerome Hill Artist Fellow in Playwriting, and serves as a member at large on the City of Saint Paul Cultural STAR Board. www.refugenius.net

Cynthia Weitzel (she/her) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, Red Wing
"I can help artists with big picture planning, discovering opportunities and mapping out their career paths as working artists and cultural producers. I'm bi-lingual (American Sign Language and English) and bi-cultural, able to work with artists both Deaf and hearing."
Skills: Career and business planing, budgeting, resume development, grant writing, artist residencies, community engagement, accessibility planning, and self-advocacy.
Bio: Cynthia is a Deaf visual artist with studio at the Anderson Center in Red Wing, MN. She holds a BBA in business management with minor in studio fine art from Austin Peay State University. Prior to making the transition to working artist, she served 25 years in the nonprofit field as counselor, services director and human rights lobbyist. Her work involves the continuum of visual art media with primary focus on the Deaf life experience. She is also co-founder and coordinator of the nations’s first Deaf Artists Residency (DAR) program at the Anderson Center and an Alliance of Artist Communities "Diversity & Leadership Fellow (2019)". Learn more about her in the StarTribune.

Headshot of Laura YoungbirdLaura Youngbird (she/her) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, Fargo/Moorhead
Skills: Visual Art (drawing, painting, printmaking), Instructor, Art Advocate and Administrator (leadership)
Bio: Youngbird earned her BS, BFA and MA from Minnesota State University at Moorhead with a minor in American Indian Studies. Laura is an enrolled member of the Minnesota Chippewa, Grand Portage Band and currently lives in Breckenridge, Minnesota. Laura is the Director of Native American Art at the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, North Dakota. Using the dress as a metaphor, her work explores the boarding school experience and influences of Christianity on American Indian spirituality and life views. Visit her website at laurayoungbird.com and read more about Laura on Creative Exchange.

Patricia Zurlo (she/her) Sign up for a Consultation
Artist Career Consultant, Minneapolis
"I can help artists understand their legal rights and responsibilities as well as how to strategize best practices in management of their business."
Legal (Intellectual property, Contracts, Business entities)
Bio: Patricia Zurlo works with creative individuals and organizations locally and nationally providing strategic mentoring and legal advice to artists, creative entrepreneurs and non-profits with a focus on intellectual property, contracts, entity formation and more. On the advisory board for Minnesota Lawyers for the Arts, Patty and is a past president of the Minnesota State Bar Association Forum on Art, Entertainment and Sports Law. A committed teacher, she served as Adjunct Professor at Mitchell Hamline College of Law, St Mary’s University’s masters program in Cultural Leadership, and is a frequent guest speaker and lecturer. Patty is a former professional classical musician, and plays with yarn and textiles for fun. Learn more at http://www.zurlolawoffice.com.

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