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An ongoing series of programming from Springboard for the Arts, Artists Respond brings together artists, culture bearers, community organizers, and thought leaders as a cohort that creates new work in response to Guaranteed Income, repair, and solidarity.

We believe that artists are at the center of movements for change. Through Artists Respond, artists are utilizing their unique perspectives and practices to help inspire and uplift important conversations and move those conversations toward true policy change, reform, and repair.

Springboard Staff

Economic Opportunity Director

Community Development Director

Rural Director
Rural-Urban Solidarity

An invitation for artists and creatives across Minnesota to develop projects that explore and shed light on the concept of rural-urban solidarity. Culture bearers, makers, artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, performers, and other creatives are invited to apply for project support for projects that help build understanding, interaction, compassion, joy, and solidarity between rural and urban communities. Apply by May 20, 2024.

People, Place, and Prosperity

A cohort of artists based in Saint Paul and Rural Minnesota that have created public projects that demonstrate the root causes that lead to the need for guaranteed income, and the impact of guaranteed income on the families and communities that are supported by it.

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Combating Social Isolation

This cohort was an invitation to Minnesota artists to create small projects that create moments of joy, solace, solidarity, sharing, and a sense of connection – for those who are feeling most isolated in pandemic times.

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Equitable Rural Futures

In 2021, artists Christy Goulet, Mai'a Williams, Joyce laPorte, Inkpa Mani, Michelle de la Vega, and Nancy XiáoRong Valentine developed new work centered on the theme of Equitable Rural Futures.

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Artists Respond on Creative Exchange

Read more about Artists Respond cohort members on Springboard's Creative Exchange platform.

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