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Do you have a creative idea to help people in your community connect with one another while staying safe and healthy? The COVID crisis has resulted in increased levels of social isolation in our communities, particularly for higher-risk groups like the elderly or people with disabilities. This isolation can have devastating effects on individual health and well-being.

View and download a PDF of the Artists Respond Call – application closes November 6!

Artists in Minnesota of all disciplines and career levels are invited to create moments of joy, solace, solidarity, sharing, and a sense of connection – for those who are feeling most isolated in these pandemic times. Whether a virtual guided walk, a postcard swap, charades with folks inside nursing homes, poetry broadcast from a porch, or texted meditations in the morning, we know artists can play an important role right now to lift spirits, combat isolation and create camaraderie through shared experiences.

Projects with a focus on higher-risk groups, including but not limited to those in care facilities, elders living at home, new immigrant communities, families lacking access to broadband, and essential workers who may be self-isolating, will be prioritized for funding. Artists should already have a connection with or into the group – through yourself, someone in your family or close network, or other existing relationship.

We will be funding 60+ projects These project funds are open to any artist in Minnesota and we will prioritize artists and culture workers from communities that are disproportionately impacted by the pandemic crisis. At least 70% of the project funds will go to artists who identify as:

- Black, Indigenous, People of Color and/or Native

- artists from outside the seven county metro area

- artists from the disability community, including people with compromised immune systems

- LGBTQIA+ artists

We understand that access to technology, the internet, and other systemic barriers may make it difficult for some artists to respond quickly to this call so we will start reviewing applications after at least 10 applications are submitted from priority groups. Once the review process begins, we will review applications twice a month. We will also continually monitor and adjust our process if needed in order to ensure priority groups are represented.

Types of projects may include but are not limited to:

- Performances outside of care facilities or businesses

- Facilitated home art projects or kits for display in windows, doors, lawns

- Partnerships with local news and radio for creative programming

- Virtual live or pre-recorded activities/events

- Visual displays (murals, lawn signs, chalked messages, yarn bombing)

- Postcard swap

- Guided nature walks

- Recipe exchanges

- Storytelling hotlines

Grant amount:

Each grant is for $500. Funds may be used to compensate artist or others for time, materials, technology, etc. For teams, the lead artist will receive all the funds and be responsible for distributing payment to other artists.

This is a modest stipend and we value your time and talent so please think of projects that you can reasonably do with the time and money available.

Applicant eligibility:

- You consider yourself an artist, creative, storyteller, crafter, healer, musician, or other creative person or culture bearer.

- You live in Minnesota

- Eligible artists may only submit one activity application

Project Requirements:

- Must take place either online/remotely, abide by social distancing guidelines or use other means such as text message or snail mail.

- If activities are in public or private space: 1) they meet social distancing guidelines and 2) you have permission/agreement to use that space/those spaces.

- Online activities must have a minimum of 30 minutes of content. This can take place in one 30 minute section or be broken into smaller pieces as makes sense for the activity.

- Activities must be completed within 60 days of approval.

- All activities must be free to participate.

Selection Criteria

Projects will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

- How does the project create moments of joy, solace, solidarity, sharing, and a sense of connection?

- Is artist connected to the group the project targets?

- If the project is not online/remote, does it follow social distancing guidelines?

- Do the people involved have the capacity and ability to complete this activity?


Applications will be reviewed once we have received at least 10 applications from our prioritized communities and then twice monthly after that.

- Once approved artists will be given a contract.

- Payment will be received within two weeks of signing the contract be signed.

- Artists will have 60 days from approval to complete the activity.


You can submit a video response to the Narrative section instead of submitting the answers in writing. If you choose to do this, make sure you answer each question in order.

You can make the video on your cell phone, tablet, etc. We will be making decisions based on your answers, not the quality of the video.

Your video should be 2-5 minutes long.

Because of size restrictions, you'll need to upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo and then share that link with us. (You can find instructions for creating a Youtube channel here. You can create a Vimeo account here.)

You will still need to fill out the other parts of the application- have the link to your video ready to share in the online form. Be sure to make the videos Public or Unlisted on YouTube.

Questions via email will be answered on a best effort basis:

Application closes November 6!

Springboard Staff

Community Organizer

This opportunity is supported by the Kresge Foundation and the Blandin Foundation.
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