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This page provides artists, arts organizations and communities throughout the state of Minnesota with resources to assist them in making their programs and services accessible to people with disabilities.

Springboard for the Arts provides artists with disabilities assistance in forwarding their arts pursuits and careers through consultations, workshops, meetups and online resources, both statewide and nationally. Upon closure of VSA Minnesota in 2019, Springboard for the Arts assumed responsibility for several of the organization's resources and programs.

Many resources previously available at the VSA Minnesota website are located below, and information about new programs will appear here in the future, as well.

Springboard for the Arts is committed to providing equal access and reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities. Our immediate goal is the readily achievable integration of individuals with disabilities into its ongoing programs. The organization will continue to plan for improved access to public events, employment, and facilities, and to increase awareness of access issues and practices among staff, board members, and participants.

Andy Sturdevant is Springboard's Accessibility Coordinator. You can contact him with questions, concerns, accessibility requests or other related matters at, or call/text at (651) 294-0907.

Accessibility Resources for Artists

Resources, listings, contract templates and information for artists.

Accessibility Resources for Artists
Accessibility Resources for Arts Organizations

Resources, templates, listings and information for arts organizations, including information about renting audio description equipment, writing access plans and more.

Accessibility Resources for Arts Organizations

Springboard Staff

Artist Resources Director