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Springboard for the Arts’ ongoing Guaranteed Minimum Income for Artists pilot supports 75 artists, culture bearers, and creative workers in the Frogtown and Rondo neighborhoods of Saint Paul and in Otter Tail County, MN with $500/month for 18 months in 2023-24.

Originally launched in 2021 as a “sidecar” to the City of St. Paul’s People's Prosperity Pilot, the goal of Springboard’s pilot is to explore the impact of guaranteed income on artists, culture bearers and creative workers at a neighborhood level and to provide a national model for the inclusion of artists in policies that address economic inequity.

Based on the success and early research findings of the first pilot, Springboard has expanded and deepened the Guaranteed Income for Artists pilot to include more artists in Rondo and Frogtown and to add artists from Otter Tail County, which is the nation’s first pilot focused on artists in rural places. Additionally, Springboard is supporting rural and urban artists in Minnesota to create creative projects that tell the story of the need for and the impact of guaranteed income.

Exhale Illustration by Briauna Williams
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The Art of Economic Justice

Read the 2021-23 Impact Report on Guaranteed Minimum Income Pilots for Artists and Creative Workers in Minnesota.

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Springboard Staff

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Read the 2023 Press Release!

An overview of Phase 2's expansion of Springboard's Guaranteed Minimum Income pilot for artists and narrative change work in Saint Paul and Otter Tail County, Minnesota.

Read the Press Release


Artists Respond: People, Place, and Prosperity is a growing cohort of artists in Saint Paul and Rural Minnesota that have created public projects that demonstrate the root causes that lead to the need for guaranteed income, and the impact of guaranteed income on the families and communities that are supported by it.

Culminating projects have ranged from podcasts and coloring books (available in print and PDF), to audio postcards, a stained glass installation, and a collaborative performance/dance meditation made available on YouTube. These projects have been widely disseminated locally and nationally. Click on the slider below to view the current projects.

Artists Respond: People, Place, and Prosperity is a project of the City of Saint Paul and Springboard for the Arts, supported by Mayors for a Guaranteed Income, the Economic Security Project, Ford Foundation and The Kresge Foundation.

Rural Regenerator gathering, a group of people in chairs with a person at a white board
Altitude, glass sculpture by the Milligan Studio
Deja Joelle headshot
Deja Joelle headshot
Exhale illustration by Briauna Williams

Prosperity Sounds EP is a trio of songs in response to the question what does prosperity sound like. It is a response to what it is like living in capitalistic society during a pandemic. It is a hope that guaranteed income as well as universal basic income can provide some solutions towards closing the wealth gap. It is cry for equity and something more than the bare minimum.

Milligan Studio

Altitude is a joyous celebrations in glass, metal, and sound, consisting of kiln-formed glass panels inspired by the dreams of laughing children and a tight-top walker’s parasol. In 2021, the glass sculpture was installed at the YMCA in Saint Paul, MN.

Deja Joelle

"Prosperity Dance" by Deja Joelle

"Everyone deserves to live and thrive." DejaJoelle's meditative work, "Prosperity Dance," is a collaborative performance that invites us to reflect on the essential nature of income, rest, togetherness and quality of life.

Katey Decelle

Bright Futures Audio Postcards are a visual and audio representation of Saint Paul’s People’s Prosperity Guaranteed Income Pilot Program. The Bright Futures physical postcards have a QR code with a link to a produced audio story of one of the current participants in the People's Prosperity Pilot, describing why the program worked for their family.

Briuana Williams

Therapeutic. Mindfulness. Selfcare. Gratitude. Artist Briauna Williams created a multi-page coloring book, "Exhale" in response to the topic of Guaranteed Minimum Income.

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In October 2023, we announced the Saint Paul and Rural Minnesota artists selected for the second iteration of the Artists Respond: People, Place, and Prosperity cohort.

We are proud to welcome Kandace Creel Falcón, Michele Spaise, Sara’i Aliyyima al-Jamal, Jess Torgerson, Arnée Martin, Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria, Torri Hanna, and Alicia Thao as 2023 Cohort Members. Look for the announcement of new Artists Respond public projects in early spring of 2024!

Artists Respond: People, Place Prosperity Cohort

Meet the artists in Saint Paul and Rural Minnesota making artistic work and narrative change projects in response to Guaranteed Minimum Income.

Meet the Cohort