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This guide offers a listing of recording studios in the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota region. Below, you'll find a PDF checklist of services offered by the studios listed. Following that checklist is the listing itself, complete with contact information, descriptions of the studios, and images.

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If you are interested in having your professional studio space publicly listed here, please fill out this form. Studios must have an up-to-date website and two professional references.

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Studio Services Checklist

Want a PDF spreadsheet of services provided by the studios listed? We've got it right here for you. The services noted include isolation booths, staffing options, mixing and mastering, and more.

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Recording Spaces

Twin Cities – Minneapolis

Interior of Blue Bell Knoll recording studio.Blue Bell Knoll
Minneapolis, MN
Phone: 612-203-3861
Email ŸŸŸŸ| Website | Facebook ŸŸŸ

Description: “Blue Bell Knoll is a boutique recording studio operated by Minneapolis-based engineer & producer Neil Weir.” The purpose of Blue Bell Knoll is to “provide an artist-friendly environment where bands can record inexpensively yet still have access to high quality equipment and experienced engineering.” The studio records “everything from non-mainstream rock music to solo acoustic projects and experimental material.” Neil is committed to making the sort of recording the band/artist is looking for and believes in “getting sounds right at the source.” The studio offers a variety of high quality vintage and contemporary equipment, including vintage tube microphones, high quality conversion, and classic preamps and compressors. The goal is to maximize results while minimizing stress in the process. Neil believes “each band's chemistry is unique and…[wants] to capture it in the most flattering way possible."

GoodLook StudioInterior of GoodLook recording studio.
77 13th Ave NE, Ste. 109
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Phone: (612) 293-7152
Email | Website | Facebook

Description: “Located in Northeast Minneapolis with access to coffee and numerous restaurants within a 3 block radius. Studio includes, lounge, kitchenette, fridge, microwave, three TVs (control room 65" 4k), Iso Booth (42" 4k) and lounge (50") as well as printer and fast internet. Logic, and Protools HD with UAD conversion with a complete array of microphones, pre-amps and industry-leading plugins, including UAD, Waves and Izotope RX6 Advanced. Our goal is create an environment to put our clients at ease and in a creative headspace to illicit top notch performances from talent and top notch deliverables."

Humans Win! Production and RecordingInterior of Humans Win recording studio.
1423 29th Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Phone: 612-968-9484
Email | Website | Facebook

Description: “Vibe, humor, and privacy are important to us. We respect all of our artists equally regardless of genre, stature, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, or outlook. While we can accommodate a very wide array of projects, we focus on high level production and music creation. From worldwide superstars to underground jazz freaks, we believe our good taste attracts the best of the best. While we strive to match amazing talent with amazing recordings, we also see the value in working with developing artists in an effort to fast track them toward a successful career. As one of the few studios in MN to specialize in electronic and pop music, we prefer to build close working relationships with our artists being that these genres are time intensive and detail oriented. We believe that our contribution to each recording exists for the life of the project, not just the session. So if an artist is looking for collaborators with their best interests in mind, Humans Win may be the best fit.”

Minnehaha Recording Company
Interior of Minnehaha Recording Company studio.4501 Minnehaha Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Email | Website | Facebook

Description: “Minnehaha Recording Company is a Minneapolis recording studio located, two blocks from historic Minnehaha Falls. Services include engineering, production, voice-over, podcast production, sound design, tape transfers, forensic audio, or any audio-based oddity you may need. We have a great deal of experience with engineering and producing music for local and national artists of most every genre, ranging from hip hop to noisy punk music. Our goal is to ensure you are getting the desired sound out of every recording. In the end, we want to help you create and capture a recording that will likely be forever."

Interior of River Rock recording studio.RiverRock Studios
1121 Jackson Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Phone: 612-356-2879
Email | Website | Facebook

"RiverRock Studios features a beautiful SSL G/E console, great gear, and beautiful sounding rooms."

Signaturetone RecordingInterior of Signature Tone recording studio.
3824 Bloomington Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Phone: 612-231-9607
Email | Website | Facebook

Description: “I love helping people get the music out of their heads and into reality. Signaturetone Recording has a great selection of house amps, guitars, and drums, as well as a fantastic mic locker and gear selection. From VO work to full albums, I put my full effort into everything I do, so let me know what I can do with you!”

Studio AmericanaInterior of Studio Americana recording studio.
919 Lilac Dr N
Golden Valley, MN 55422
Phone: 612-272-7970
Email | Website | Facebook

Description: Studio Americana offers comprehensive services for live or recorded content, podcasts, professional voice-over recordings, audiobooks, audio editing, and much more. We are your turn-key studio solution! Our custom packages save you the capital investment of a home or office studio and allow you to scale up as needed. We are truly in the age of podcasting and Studio Americana is a disruptor in that industry!

The TerrariumInterior of The Terrarium recording studio.
607 Central Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Phone: 612-338-5702
Email | Website | Facebook

Description: The Terrarium "[blends] old school analog techniques with modern digital flexibility." Contact studio manager Jason Orris with any questions.

Wild Sound Recording StudioInterior of Wild Sound recording studio.
2400 2nd Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Phone: 612-706-0815
Email | Website | Facebook

Description: “Wild Sound has been providing pro recording services for over 20 years. We have the experience and drive to make your project the best and offer competitive pricing. We also offer some of the best gear around including a Steinway grand, Hammond B3, vintage mics, top of the line outboard gear and an SSL console. We have five great sounding rooms all with wood floors and the best acoustic treatments. Call or email for a free tour. Estimates and project rates are available.”

Interior of Winterland recording studio.Winterland Studios
5417 Boone Ave. N
Minneapolis, MN 55428
Phone: 763-971-8943
Email | Website | Facebook

Description: “Winterland Studios has two of the most fully equipped studios in the Midwest. Our services include: album production, recording, mixing, mastering, voice-overs, and transfers…National, Gold & Platinum album credits…(Read on) [expand title=""]Some of the artists who have recorded with us include: Lenny Kravitz, James Blunt, Alanis Morissette, Keane, Sara McLachlan, R. Kelly, J. Cole, The Black Eyed Peas, Big Sean, Twista, etc.” Built by professional studio designers, Winterland Studios offers great isolation, floated floors, and a live drum room.

Twin Cities – St. PaulInterior of Cloverleaf Audio recording studio.

Cloverleaf Audio
873 Iowa Ave. W
Saint Paul, MN 55117
Phone: 406-839-7504
Email | Website | Facebook

Cloverleaf is "perfect for solo artists and bands of any genre."

Greater Minnesota

Sacred Heart StudioInterior of Sacred Heart recording studio.
201 W 4th Street
Duluth, MN 55806
Phone: 208-349-2156
Email | Website | Facebook

Description: Sacred Heart Studio is located in the Central Hillside area of Duluth in the historic 1800's former Sacred Heart church. The studio offers both analog and digital recording services, and its equipment includes, among other items, in house drums, guitar amps, a Yamaha grand piano,
a Baldwin baby grand, and a Felgermaker pipe organ.

Interior of Carpet Booth recording studio.Carpet Booth Studios
Rochester, MN
Email | Website | Facebook

Description: “Carpet Booth Studios is a music production and recording studio based in Rochester, MN. We aim to give our customers and artists a meaningful experience by providing them with a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, confident professional opinion, and top quality gear and treated spaces. Our goal to continue to grow and become the premier recording studio in the greater Rochester, MN area and beyond."

Interior of Sparta Sound recording studio.Sparta Sound/Rich Mattson
Eveleth, MN
Email | Website | Facebook

Description: “Sparta Sound is a recording retreat, 200 miles north of the Twin Cities. Owner/operator Rich Mattson has been working in his own home studios since 1991 (beginning in Minneapolis with Flowerpot Studios). The overhead for operating this space is kept low. In return, rates are lower than average, and you still receive professional care for your recording project in a wonderful environment with a very open-minded operator.”

Free resources

George Latimer Central Library
90 W 4th Street
Saint Paul, MN 55102
Phone: 651-266-7000 (ext. 4 for recording studio reservations)

The George Latimer Central Library offers basic recording services. The library has a 4-person editing suite and a 2-person isolation booth, and with limited space, they do not allow large instruments or equipment. The studio is equipped with headphones, microphones, instrumental software, and more, and patrons have access to an iMac with GarageBand and Avid Protools 12.3. Patrons may reserve the space for up to two hours.