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Springboard’s Incubator is a fiscal sponsorship program that provides sponsorship for arts groups and individual artist projects that do not want (or are not ready) to become tax-exempt nonprofit organizations. In other words, we make it possible for groups to receive tax-deductible grants and donations as they grow. In addition, Incubator artists receive support for their fundraising and marketing efforts, legal referrals, and networking support.

Incubator is designed for arts groups and individual artist projects that have a nonprofit purpose and/or are looking at becoming their own tax exempt nonprofit organization. Sponsored projects must be artist-led, fit with the mission of Springboard for the Arts, and be based in or producing work in Minnesota. Learn more about the Incubator program here.

Check out our current Incubator projects below, or use the filters to your left to find more projects!


{Trés} aims to raise awareness of the struggles of the Puerto Rican diaspora through music.


InspireMSP aims to provide underserved youth the access and runway to develop careers and lifelong involvement in the Minnesota culture industry.

Twin Cities Tango Collective

Twin Cities Tango Collective aims to create a thriving culture of tango musicians in the Twin Cities through community ensembles, live performances, and classes dedicated to the art and culture of Argentine tango music.

Turtle Theater Collective

Turtle Theater Collective aims to produce high-quality, contemporary work that explores Native experiences and subverts expectations about how and when Native artists can create theater.

Journey Productions

Journey Productions aims to engage, inspire, entertain, and challenge audiences with theatrical productions that range from the classics to the new works.

Stitching History

Stitching History aims to create a moving, archival documentary that highlights and illuminates the unwritten rich history of Somali Americans in Minnesota. The project’s purpose is to create and bridge communities across differences, through expanding access and building connected and informed communities.

The Dragon Who Liked to Spit Fire

The Dragon Who Liked to Spit Fire aims to bring the show, “The Dragon Who Liked to Spit Fire,” to young school audiences from all backgrounds.

Emily Michaels King Projects

Emily Michaels King Projects aims to create embodied performances that explore self-discovery and reclamation, womanhood, and bold, or supremely delicate, expressions of personal truth.

Wise, Gifted, & Black

Wise, Gifted, & Black aims to use trauma informed arts intervention to amplify voices and vision of artivism, blackness, and healing with Rondo Community Elders. Art forms such as: Theatre of the Oppressed, Spoken Word, Photography, Collage and Music.

Minneapolis Performance Lab & School

Minneapolis Performance Lab & School aims to challenge the audience’s experience while investigating liveness. MPLS cultivates new work, devises radical reinterpretations of mythos, and produces ensemble-generated non-linear events through engaging students and communities.

Art Wars

Art Wars aims to create fun positive art competition experiences for high school students and increases awareness of art related careers and the paths to obtaining them.

Vermillion Ink Press

Vermillion Ink Press Vermillion Ink Press aims to publish literature that uplifts underrepresented voices and illumintates the world in vivid color. In this work, they seek to increase empathy, foster discussion, and cultivate community through the power of the written word.


HoneyWorks aims to create truly unique performances that expand both dance and other artistic fields by uniting the two, and ultimately encouraging others – in all walks of life – to live more inclusively with the people and planet around us.

Cello Conversations Part Two – Community

Cello Conversations Part Two – Community aims to cultivate new ways of connecting to individuals and communities, reducing imperceptible distances while giving life to the narratives they each carry.

HeadCannon Creations

HeadCannon Creations aims to foster imagination and explore life from other perspectives through collaborative, immersive storytelling by providing live-action role-players with spaces that are accessible, diverse, and safe.

Can’t Forget the Kids

Can’t Forget the Kids aims to serve the kids and youth of Minneapolis and Saint Paul through art because art is therapy. They aspire to provide a safe outlet for every kid to express themselves creatively through art in various mediums.


CultureWIN aims to strengthen youth’s creative potential in the arts to foster positive attitutdes and build healthier communities.

Powderhorn Park Music Project

Powderhorn Park Music Project aims to engage the Powderhorn Park neighborhood of Minneapolis by providing access to musical experiences, particularly to communities that would not otherwise have such access (e.g. Latino and BIPOC community members).


ecosystemX aims to advocate for equitable planning and design solutions that uplift, develop, preserve, and sustain Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Immigrant communities in their region and beyond. 


STRONGmovement aims to use the universal language of dance, blending styles such as Hip hop, Ballet, Modern, and West African to tell stories related to society and humanity as a way to bring communities together.

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