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Springboard’s Incubator is a fiscal sponsorship program that provides sponsorship for arts groups and individual artist projects that do not want (or are not ready) to become tax-exempt nonprofit organizations. In other words, we make it possible for groups to receive tax-deductible grants and donations as they grow. In addition, Incubator artists receive support for their fundraising and marketing efforts, legal referrals, and networking support.

Incubator is designed for arts groups and individual artist projects that have a nonprofit purpose and/or are looking at becoming their own tax exempt nonprofit organization. Sponsored projects must be artist-led, fit with the mission of Springboard for the Arts, and be based in or producing work in Minnesota. Learn more about the Incubator program here.

Check out our current Incubator projects below, or use the filters to your left to find more projects!

We Will Harbor You

We Will Harbor You aims to make a documentary that reveals and preserves the stories of the women who in 1972 began the shelter movement for “women in crisis” in Minnesota.

Soul of America

Soul of America aims to contribute significantly to the uniting of a disunited states of America by bringing people across the many divides closer together through the visceral understanding of who we are beyond our opinions of each other.

Cialuna Storydance Theatre

Cialuna Storydance Theatre aims to creatively combine acting, storytelling, and dance to produce works that retell old tales in new and relevant ways.

Native Youth Arts Collective

Native Youth Arts Collective aims to support students in leveraging access to creative resources; build agency, skill, and confidence; and provide opportunities for individual and collaborative creative experiences to express their voice.

ROOTED: Hip-Hop Choreographers’ Evening

ROOTED: Hip-Hop Choreographers’ Evening aims to present the dynamically diverse choreographers in Minnesota from youth to professional who represent Hip Hop culture.

Black Market MN

Black Market MN aims to focus on amplifying the voices of black creative change makers who use art to solve problems and build community.

Summit Music Series

Summit Music Series aims to produce professional chamber music concerts and provide educational outreach within the Twin Cities in several different settings.

Turtle Theater Collective

Turtle Theater Collective aims to produce high-quality theater that explores contemporary Native experiences, and subverts expectations about how and when Native artists can create theater.

Breaking Barriers with Toolbox Theatre

Breaking Barriers with Toolbox Theatre aims to provide opportunities to learn about what it means to persevere and be different from others using personal experiences and theatrical techniques.

Twin Cities Flamenco Collective

Twin Cities Flamenco Collective aims to bring the essence of authentic and traditional Flamenco, especially the aspect of Flamenco singing, to the Twin Cities through education, community activities, and performances.

Voices of Hope

Voices of Hope aims to break down barriers between incarcerated women and the outside community through the use of choral singing.

Jeffrey Peterson Dance

Jeffrey Peterson Dance aims to present high-quality contemporary dance to the Twin Cities and beyond.

Twin Cities Symphony

Twin Cities Symphony aims to provide a fulfilling and professional orchestral experience to emerging professional musicians and audiences in the Twin Cities area.

Persistent Theatre Productions

Persistent Theatre Productions aims to produce thought provoking, powerful work about important social issues that our society faces.

Jagged Moves

Jagged Moves aims to create dance experiences exploring athleticism and conceptual depth that engage, open dialogue, and challenge perspective.

Million Artist Movement

Million Artist Movement aims to stand at the nexus of art and politics, using art as an agent to coalesce people, art, and power into change that fosters healing.

Patrick Scully Productions

Patrick Scully Productions

Patrick Scully Productions aims to present Scully’s gay point of view to the world in order to create space for LGBTQ people to live more freely.

Hypnic Jerk Theatre

Hypnic Jerk Theatre aims to produce theatre that provokes conversations about our world that happen beyond the stage and after the closing curtain.

(lumin) theater lab

(lumin) theater lab aims to create a safe environment for a core group of highly-motivated members that encourages inspired creativity, trusting collaboration, audacious experimentation, and a rigorous exploration of theater.


OboeBass! aims to make music for everybody by stimulating performances and engaging educational performances

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