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Springboard’s Incubator is a fiscal sponsorship program that provides sponsorship for arts groups and individual artist projects that do not want (or are not ready) to become tax-exempt nonprofit organizations. In other words, we make it possible for groups to receive tax-deductible grants and donations as they grow. In addition, Incubator artists receive support for their fundraising and marketing efforts, legal referrals, and networking support.

Incubator is designed for arts groups and individual artist projects that have a nonprofit purpose and/or are looking at becoming their own tax exempt nonprofit organization. Sponsored projects must be artist-led, fit with the mission of Springboard for the Arts, and be based in or producing work in Minnesota. Learn more about the Incubator program here.

Check out our current Incubator projects below, or use the filters to your left to find more projects!

Serpentina Arts Talks

Serpentina Arts Talks aims to foster creativity and professional development of Minnesota Latinx artists. The mission is intentional comradeship to motivate solidarity, coalition building, and networking. The collaborative positions the artists as the decision-makers who will determine the specific topics of the meetings and the infrastructure of their future collective action that advances their artistry and professional development.

Sacred Grounds Coffee House

Sacred Grounds Coffee House aims to honor marginalized people’s life experiences through the arts and trauma-informed togetherness. Rooted in resilience and nourished in the arts, Sacred Grounds Coffee House plants seeds of understanding so that equity and collective healing may flourish for all.

RARE Productions

RARE Productions aims to unite communities and families in healing relationships and bridge cultural gaps via the vast mediums of art.

Open Flow

Open Flow aims to foster a diverse community of artists, dedicated to the support, mentorship, and promotion of Artists with Disabilities through monthly programs.

Artist Residency at Squirrel Haus Arts

Artist Residency at Squirrel Haus Arts aims to provide a cost-effective and convenient space for visual artists, musical performances, and community meetings; through this, they hope to make connections between people and add to the vibrancy of the art scene in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Black Market MN

Black Market MN aims to focus on amplifying the voices of black creaive change makers who use art to solve problems and build community.


Build aims to build the social solidarity economy through collective art action.

Playable Artworks

Playable Artworks aims to activate connections between people and places in order to change participants’ perceptions of our world and communities. 

Green-line Mascot Project

Green-line Mascot Project aims to create and develop awareness for downtown St. Paul businesses and attractions that can be accessed by the Green Line Light Rail. 

Fireweed Community Woodshop

Fireweed Community Woodshop aims to empower women and non-binary folks through the art of woodcraft. Women’s Woodshop’s goal is to introduce women and non-binary folks to tools and techniques through classes, while providing equipment, workspace, and community to help women and non-binary flourish within the craft.

A 20/20 Life

A 20/20 Life aims to provide a 20/20 Theater experience to people who do not have 20/20 vision.

Black Women Speak

Black Women Speak aims to give voice and create community amongst Black Women intergenerationally; through the arts, wellness and education; they will heal, find joy and move toward liberation on their own terms. 


MOVO SPACE  aims to serve as a creative incubation space in the Twin Cities. They offer affordable space to local performing and visual artists to create and present their work on a short or long-term basis.

The Qalanjo Project

The Qalanjo Project aims to work towards advancing cultural interfaces in the Somali community through collaborative creative practices and community- engaged learning processes that lead to advancements in the arts and education.

Million Artist Movement

Million Artist Movement aims to stand at the nexus of art and politics, using art as an agent to coalesce people, art, and power into change that fosters healing.

Emerging Curators Institute

Emerging Curators Institute aims to establish and build the individual practices of emerging curators from diverse backgrounds through an in-depth research, professional development, and presentation program.